Sunday, September 25, 2016

Color-Matching Kona Cotton Seattle MOJO

My Pixie Summer Home Quilt has taken off in it's own direction.
Destination: Unknown.
These are the Hometown Houses appearing on my design wall.
Lots of Seahawk MOJO,
The blue backgrounds will be infront of the lake/canal, houseboats atop it, and the sky is white. The "bluest skies you've ever seen" may be in Seattle, but somehow this sky is white. It's called, umm,  lack of planning, and it will make the Needle more challenging.
Work with me here, I've been improvisationally piecing Century Link Stadium:
hopefully that needle is in the future, a mountain or two, definitely more trees...

Meanwhile, I've been struggling with Kona at the Fat Quarter Shop, and it occurred to me...
I must know one or two Kona-nerds friends who would enjoy this color-matching thing...
Could it be true?

Two quilts are formulating in my brain, each similar in pattern and size, each for a nephew. I want to keep an adult-looking palette, yet stick with the specific team colors for each.
My sketch is a modern, elongated herringbone.

Nephew #1: Ted graduated from Seattle University this year and is pitching for the Seattle Mariner's in Arizona. Here is their uniform, sourced from WikiCommons.
Colors in my cart:
Questions for Kona Cotton Nerds:
1. What is your favorite white, and favorite black? I will probably use silver with a medium gray too, but not sure which ones play best with the silver.
2. Which of the teal green colors do you think best matches the team uniform? To me, the Emerald looks the most like teal, while the teal looks the most green. I also have Everglade, Glacier, Jade. Are the colors on the FQS website accurate/jive with the kona card?
3. It looks like there are several blues being used, maybe I should bring a navy in, but which blue best matches I wonder, the colors seem to change with the photos.

Nephew #2: entered University of Washington this week. I fill with emotion when I talk of these guys, something I avoid since it feels like bragging. Both earned full scholarships, this one academically, and including his Master's program. Little Ty is a Husky now.

Colors in my cart:
Gold: Papaya, Butterscotch, Cheddar, Grellow (not in order).
Purple: Bright Periwinkle, Purple, Hibiscus and REGAL
Maybe I should use ALL of them.

I need a crash-course on shopping for solids! My brain is in a whirl - any opinions are welcome!

And the Winner is:
Ty helped me draw for the Orphan Adoption winner this morning, and the Sew Kitschy blocks are packed to-go! They are on their way to Jennifer, who blogs at Little Black Cat Quilting!

Quilting is more fun than Housework

Quilter in the Closet

Saturday, September 24, 2016

One Monthly Goal Linkup: Celebrating September Finishes!

I've completed my first bag for the Bag It 2016 Challenge!! I am ON it, right? I want to make six bags this year and there is no time to lose; the linkup at Elm Street Quilts closes in only 83 days!

I began with a pretty batik sunflower, part of a bundle I won from Mary, at Quilting Grandma Designs.
Can you guess what I have stashed inside those pockets?
Come closer, my pretties,
That's better.
My dimensions vary a bit from the tutorial that I used, offered by Carole of From My Carolina Home. I won a gorgeous box of Aurifil Threads from Carole recently. The brightly-colored spools inspired me to pull special fabrics, and piece the inside pockets. It'll be a cheerful burst of color every time this pouch is opened!
For the circles, I ironed freezer paper templates right on the fabric. Easier to rotary cut the fabric that way, and I can re-use them when I make another.
This bag is destined for my SIL. It has a similar style as the jewelry roll I made for her last year, the one on the right with similar bell-style, metal cord stops.
I picked them up at a local bead shop. They fit snuggly and I really like the finish!
Because this is a Christmas gift, I am linking my finish up with Ho, Ho, Ho, and On We Snowman, hosted this month by Sandra Sews!

Just One week left to reach your One Monthly Goal

I finished my September goal, btw, to complete the I-Spy backing, but have not photographed it yet. Perhaps I will join the party and link it up here! 

See you soon!!

One lucky participant will also win an I-Spy bundle, custom cut from my stash! 
Here it is in-process:

Please visit our OMG sponsors this month, as a way of saying...

Thank you!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Blogger Events That Have Captured my Attention

Last night, I was immediately pulled in when I found the Mosaic Challenge Rachel is hosting at Stitched in Color! Inspired by the darkening sky last night, and my sleepy mindset, I selected the fabrics for my collection, placing each one in my virtual cart until I had a good-sized balance due(cha-ching!), then narrowing it all down to these nine lovely fabrics:
"Desert Dreamer" captures luminous dark clouds, setting sun filtering through the mountains, and the low twinkle of The Las Vegas Strip from my home. I really love this pull, and the process of selecting fabrics from Lark Cottons is quite dreamy in itself. I may have to go back and create another before the voting starts!

A few other events I am looking forward to:

"Bag It! 2016" has begun! Visit Elm Street Quilts to follow along!
Bigger and even better this year, a great event for beginning and experienced bag-maker's.
Also, plenty of tutorials to keep you busy throughout the event (runs through November!)

Handmade Halloween is scheduled for October 4th, hosted by Needle & Foot.

Ho, Ho, Ho, and On We Sew is hosted this month by Sandra Sews, linkup any new items you've made that are meant to be Christmas Gifts! Linkup through September!

And one more, lest we forget:
One Monthly Goal "September Celebration of Finishes" goes live on Friday! 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Orphan Adoption! Sew Kitschy Quilt Blocks are in the Giveaway Kitty!

Quilting is more fun than Housework

With only hours left to link up with the Quilty Orphan Adoption event at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework,
I have selected my Sew Kitschy blocks this time around! 
I think the radio would make a great tote bag!
There are six completed blocks, patterns, and some fabric scraps to help tie things together if you want to make the three remaining blocks.
This is so free-ing!

I hopped on the Sew Kitschy Quilt Along in 2013, to gain some paper-piecing skills. Kristy, at Quiet Play, has wonderful patterns and her QAL's are irresistible! My grandfather's cabin in Canada remained in my mind as I selected fabrics for these blocks. The oranges and greens were all about the kitchen. Well, it was all-about many homes back in the 70's, but the cabin was my inspiration. We had a set of these I recall..
Some of the fabrics are from my vintage stash and very lightweight. Fine for a wallhanging I think, but so you are aware. I am keeping my top-fave block to make something for my own kitchen,
The mixer pattern is included though, as for the two blocks I did not finish. I altered the teapot pattern in an attempt to create Grandpa's percolator, but regret that the top is not darker. So, most of the patterns are included and a few bits of fabric, including a half a yard or so of the Mumm teapot fabric I was planning to use with the backing.

Random Drawing will be in one week, Sunday morning, Sept 25th, to select the recipient. I have NO rules or preference regarding what you plan to do with the blocks, but you must provide a US address for free shipping! Just leave a comment on this post to let me know you would like to be included in the drawing!

This is such a great event, Thank you Cynthia! Check out all the giveaways HERE!

Remember the little baby kit I Orphaned last time? In July, I received a note from Diane, with this photo of the quilt she and her guild finished for charity!

Cute! They changed it up with a windmill pattern. This event is a triple-win!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Red Rosy, Red Rosy

September's RSC block challenge is inspired by roses.
Red and gold roses.

September Kite Tail #1: Owl Rose
September Kite Tail #2: Dragonfly Rose
My August blocks are hiding there under the roses. It is a full pizza box, which means we are getting close to assembly!
Summertime Kite Tails: Majestic Watermelon Roses
Last month, our blocks were inspired by Purple Mountains.

And my Baby Courthouse block for August turned out kind of cute!
this is my 300th blog post! I knew it was coming, but I did not prepare a proper celebration. My bad!
I sure wish I could invite ya'll over to celebrate.
view source
I enjoy the social side of blogging SO much, and feel fortunate to meet quilter's who live all over the world, right from the comfort of my home. 300 posts is a lot of writing for someone who does not actually enjoy writing! Sometimes I wonder how many more quilts I could finish per year if I did not blog (a reoccurring thought, generally right before a post is due). I  always come to the same conclusion once I've thought it over: The rewards of documentation, conversations, laughter, and resourceful friendships are well worth the time spent. Although I've had to cut it back this year and have not been able to participate in hops, giveaways, or QAL's much, I am considering some options for One Monthly Goal in 2017 to improve all that. For now, my sincere appreciation will keep you all at bay!

For the friendships, encouragement, kudos, and virtual hugs, I sincerely want to Thank You!

I will be back with another update soon so I can share the house blocks I have been working on!

Quilting is more fun than Housework

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Drawing Winners for August!

Much too fast, I know, but the weekend is over folks! I hope yours was good like mine! I am back at my PC this morning, and ready to announce the winners from our August OMG Linkup!

Because I am not able to blog as often as I would like, I am including a quick status report this morning as well, for Quilty365:
Today, I am beginning the count down: 
84 days left!
These are my first four dots for September. Roses in red, pink, gold, to kick off RSC September. The S&K to remember a lovely visit this weekend, from friends we have not seen in 10+ years, who live in Mexico now! Days 278, 279, 280, and 281. These will go about halfway into Panel #11.

Meanwhile, I am slowly making progress with the hand-quilting on Panel #8. I like to select colors and thread about six needles at a time.

Winners were drawn at last for the August OMG Giveaways! This month, we have a winner who linked from a blog, one from the Flickr Group, and one from Instagram! I am still new to IG, and I am thankful for participants like Becky who are helping me learn the ropes! Check out #onemonthlygoal to find other OMG participants on Instagram. If you post with IG using the hashtag, please use @redletterquilts so I can find you and your project!

Winners were drawn by

Congratulations to Quilts by Lisa , the winner of the Sandi Henderson bundle of Fat Eighths from my Etsy Shop:

Congratulations to Libby in TN, who blogs at Life on the Hill, winner of the $25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop! Daily Flash Sale, Click HERE!

Congratulations to @BeckyinWA, the winner of $20 credit at Bag Maker Supply!
Hardware Kit for Boronia Bowler Blue Calla Pattern, Nickel Finish, Purse Handbag Bag Making Hardware Supplies, KIT-AA020
Check out the new bag kits Bagmaker has put together.  I am drooling.
Many are for use with SWOON Bag of the Month Patterns.
This kit pictured is for use with the Boronia pattern by Blue Calla:
Thank you to our fabulous sponsors!

Have you selected One Quilty Goal for September?
Please join this month's Goal-setting Linky , open now through Wednesday. 

New to OMG? Read all about One Monthly Goal!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

One Monthly Goal: September Goal-Setting Party

Welcome to September Goal-Setting! If you are new to the linkup, please visit the OMG page to learn more about One Monthly Goal.

After a bit of struggle with my decision, my goal this month is to complete the backing and sandwich the I-Spy quilt top I finished last month, as my August goal. I find I am most successful with monthly goals when I select one in which decisions are already made, however, this is spread out on my design floor, making it difficult to walk about.
I am not sure where I am going with this yet, but I will use the four leftover blocks and go from there, with one or more of the fabrics you see strewn about.
I try to avoid taking pictures in my sewing room, they are always dark, shadowy, and blurry.
This morning, the sun is streaming in to my happy place, making pictures more doable. Still not clear, but I think of them as snapshots. A little glimpse of daily life,
It would be easy enough to clear my design wall right now since I haven't had time to work on my Seattle quilt, but I don't want to pack it up quite yet. I will need the space again soon for my Quilty365 blocks too, in process there on the ironing board.

With all the I-Spy going on in my home lately, I decided to cut a charm pack to contribute to the September Prize-pool.
I'll have 50 of my favorite quilt-shop novelties by the end of the month, cut into 4" squares for you to begin work on your own I-Spy! Just another project I figure everyone must need, hehe.

OK, Cheers to a productive September! Let's DO this thing!

Please take a few moments to visit our monthly OMG sponsors!
 Fat Quarter Shop: $25 Gift Certificate (Flash Sale Link HERE!)
Bagmaker Supply: $20 Store Credit 

Please visit Bagmaker on Facebook! Let's help this awesome shop reach 500 followers! 

Did you know Bagmaker is now stocking hardware kits to coordinate with SWOON Patterns, and with Bag of the Month Club!
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