Thursday, September 1, 2016

One Monthly Goal: September Goal-Setting Party

Welcome to September Goal-Setting! If you are new to the linkup, please visit the OMG page to learn more about One Monthly Goal.

After a bit of struggle with my decision, my goal this month is to complete the backing and sandwich the I-Spy quilt top I finished last month, as my August goal. I find I am most successful with monthly goals when I select one in which decisions are already made, however, this is spread out on my design floor, making it difficult to walk about.
I am not sure where I am going with this yet, but I will use the four leftover blocks and go from there, with one or more of the fabrics you see strewn about.
I try to avoid taking pictures in my sewing room, they are always dark, shadowy, and blurry.
This morning, the sun is streaming in to my happy place, making pictures more doable. Still not clear, but I think of them as snapshots. A little glimpse of daily life,
It would be easy enough to clear my design wall right now since I haven't had time to work on my Seattle quilt, but I don't want to pack it up quite yet. I will need the space again soon for my Quilty365 blocks too, in process there on the ironing board.

With all the I-Spy going on in my home lately, I decided to cut a charm pack to contribute to the September Prize-pool.
I'll have 50 of my favorite quilt-shop novelties by the end of the month, cut into 4" squares for you to begin work on your own I-Spy! Just another project I figure everyone must need, hehe.

OK, Cheers to a productive September! Let's DO this thing!

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  1. So glad to join. Although I am late to the 2016 party, I hope to have a great finish to 2016. Hope I did it correctly.

  2. I had to laugh when I read design floor. I have a design wall but somehow it always ends up migrating to my floor as well, especially if I have more than 1 project going. By the way, I love the greens and grays that I see on the design wall. Good luck with your September goal.

  3. I love seeing into the mind of another quilter, and into the work space, too. Thanks for sharing what yours looks like right now, and a little of your projects. Best of luck with your September goal. I didn't finish August because I never found the top, but sometime I will. =)

  4. You've got a lot of fun stuff going on in your sewing room. It is hard to pick just one project, but that's what makes the One Monthly Goal work so well. It just has to be one thing. Good luck with your September goal.

  5. What a Great blog you have!
    I have never done a goal-setting party but I'm very excited!!
    It's a Great way to make sure you are getting something done!
    Can't wait to see if I make it! ha!

  6. Oh! This is so funny now! My September goal is to make a baby quilt and you are offering some "I Spy" cut outs. Beautiful coincidence I'd say. Love your Seattle quilt. Good luck with your September goal. ;^)

  7. Good luck with your goals. It makes sense to set ones that are achievable.

  8. I so agree that it's easier to set a monthly goal in which design/creative decisions have already been made. Setting a time limit on creativity kills it (at least for me). Can't wait to see your I spy quilt all quilted. And I love those little 4-patch I spy squares. What a charming quilt they will make. Thanks for hosting the OMG link-up every month, Heidi. I appreciate it.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  9. Congratulations on finishing your August goal and good luck with getting the quilting done. I agree with you on design but sometimes the finishes don't happen even without design, taking up the time.

  10. I have been known to use the floor as a design space too, usually when I have stuff on the bed in the spare room, or someone is coming to stay and I have to move everything. Good luck with finishing your quilt.

  11. It looks like you have lots of fun projects to choose from--good luck with your September goal!

  12. Lots of nice things happening at your place with fun fabrics.

  13. "I spy" a great finish for ya this month....I'm still admiring my I-spys so can't wait for your finish.

  14. Found your blog and One Monthly Goal recently and it sounds like a wonderful idea. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck getting the backing pieced and the quilt sandwiched.


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