Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Needle Book / Sewing Wallet: Fit for Myself!

I have been working on my 'finishing up' projects the last couple evenings, and, although I have used my needlecushion for some 35 yrs, I have just not really ever noticed it. Not only have I been complacent to it's shortcomings, I never thought twice about it when needles have poked me, or caught on other neighboring items, or disappeared altogher (to be found in the sofa later). I recall now many times inserting a needle and out pops Poly-fil instead of the needle exiting. Of course, I just find a new exit point and move on...

Why it never occured to me that this pincushion that I made for myself at10 yrs of age does NOT have to last a LIFETIME!

Sooo, for my birthday yesterday, I sewed for myself this great little needle book/sewing kit :-)

I can easily tote things around safely now.
Small projects will actually fit inside, and the whole thing fits in my purse.
I was inspired then to make a smaller version for my secret recipient for the Mugrug Swap. 
(I wouldn't want anyone else to go 35 years without knowing what they were missing!)
I hope she enjoys it:-)
And now a bittersweet Goodbye to Ole Blue,
you will always be my first love...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Finishing Touches - Quilt Label Experiments

Today was all about finishing some things up. A few quilt labels to finish, and I have a couple quilts I would like to enter in our local show next month that require hanging sleeves...

I purchased several different permanent ink pens recently, and finally tested them for writing on fabric, and washability. The skinny pen I purchased a while back at a local quilt shop just did not write well, and making labels at the computer has not been practical.
The group on the bottom swatch are all Bic and Sharpie. They have so many colors available, I just had to try. Best of those was the Sharpie Metallic, It is the one I used for the Figgy Swirl ...however it did end up bleeding after writing a few more words, and was hard to control line width.
  So I ran to the art store and selected four more options (up on the top swatch). The micron pen is the same as the one I have from the quilt shop, except much wider and half the price. I bought both a red and black of the Lumocolor, and the Decocolor paint pen ultrafine.
I ended up using the red Lumo pen for my Snowball quilt:

Both of these quilts will go to the show, so I added sleeves to each:
Today I really wanted to finish some things, so after spending some time trying to figure out how to mirror image my text with the odd photo software I have, I gave up and used the iron-on ones I made a while back to finish up my mug rugs:

Still going strong, I tackled the binding and hanging sleeve for the little Easter Birdie I made with the mug rugs...
I now have plenty of hand work for TV time, however I am not really in love with any of my label techniques. I used to embroider them, and really want to find a nice yet easy method.
Sooo, after reading a post at Patchwork Pottery, I ordered some twill tape and will experiment next time with her method for labelling...
What is your Go-To pen for quilt labels?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mug Rug Swap

I have completed two mug rugs for the swap I am participating in!

The Mug Rug Swap is hosted by Michele at Quilting Gallery. This is my first 'swap' and I chose to do these Mug Rugs because they are adorable, and because I have never done applique in this manner - with the hand embroidery work. I want to expand my quilting to include some art quilts, and thought this would be a great place to start.

These cute little patterns are from The Patchsmith.

I tackled the owl's first...

It was Valentine's Day when I pieced the top for the next one: The Birdie Quilt:
I was a bit frustrated with the Blanket Stitch by then, and chose to piece the birdhouse. I used my machine to blanket stitch the bird and snow.
I just need to add a label and pop these little treasures in the mail to my secret recipient. Too fun!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grandmother's Flower Garden

My husband and I have returned from our trip to Seattle. We had a great getaway for my mother's 75th Birthday. I did not make it to any quilt shops, but we did have fun rummaging at a few estate sales. I love finding vintage linens to post at my Etsy site.

While flying, I completed the 19th block for Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt. I started these in about 1994, and have apparently only averaged one per year(!). since it has been in the works for so many years, the blocks are a real mixture of old and new fabrics. This is my 'travel' project, so most of them have been done on airplanes/airports. 8yrs ago I finally started writing the dates and places on the back of each block , after I realized I couldnt remember which one I had made first.

This one actually says AZ , Nov 2012 because I did most of it while visiting the in-laws during the holidays.

Here is the incomplete block that actually says Seattle, Feb 2013.

And here are some of them last time I 'auditioned' border fabric. Funny, I saved a green for years for this quilt, several times wanting to cut into, then switched to a different green a few years ago, and now I am considering something like this mint green shabby chic. I dont think I actually have enough of this particular one though..
I really need to decide on a fabric and start the bordering patches though.
I prefer someone inherit this as a completed quilt!
Maybe peach? Yellow-orange? Or peach-on-white?
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