Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Needle Book / Sewing Wallet: Fit for Myself!

I have been working on my 'finishing up' projects the last couple evenings, and, although I have used my needlecushion for some 35 yrs, I have just not really ever noticed it. Not only have I been complacent to it's shortcomings, I never thought twice about it when needles have poked me, or caught on other neighboring items, or disappeared altogher (to be found in the sofa later). I recall now many times inserting a needle and out pops Poly-fil instead of the needle exiting. Of course, I just find a new exit point and move on...

Why it never occured to me that this pincushion that I made for myself at10 yrs of age does NOT have to last a LIFETIME!

Sooo, for my birthday yesterday, I sewed for myself this great little needle book/sewing kit :-)

I can easily tote things around safely now.
Small projects will actually fit inside, and the whole thing fits in my purse.
I was inspired then to make a smaller version for my secret recipient for the Mugrug Swap. 
(I wouldn't want anyone else to go 35 years without knowing what they were missing!)
I hope she enjoys it:-)
And now a bittersweet Goodbye to Ole Blue,
you will always be my first love...

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