Friday, March 29, 2013

Progress Report!

I am going to try to do a better job of linking/participating in linky 'parties', and will start with Lily's Fresh Sewing Day. Click the linky on the sidebar to view other participants and join in the fun!
I am so proud of myself for keeping up with the weekly assignments for Christa's Hugs N Kisses Quilt-Along! Today I completed the top, and next week we will piece the backing. I will visit my stash over the weekend to pick the backing fabrics..

And I finally got back to work on my little Amish Arrowhead Quilt. This week I quilted it with brightly colored variegated thread, cut my first ever wavy border, and made the bias binding. I should be able to finish that binding up over the weekend. These blocks went together pretty easily with that speedy method I blogged about in January. The quilting took longer than I expected however (besides the two months it took just to pick it up again!). Allover patterns by FMQ really are faster than straight line stitching, but I do like the results.

Let's see what else I can catch up with over the holiday weekend!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Figgy Swirl Quilt

After clearing some space in my stash this weekend, I went to my local quilt store to take advantage of their International Quilting Day Specials. They advertised a $10 credit just for bringing in a quilt for a photo. I have taken better photos, but that is me! I received an email with a link to a contest(!) I am now apparently entered in, Quiltique Contest. I am not an avid Facebook user, but this did prompt me to go in and make some 'friends', and I have been enjoying recent photos of family as a result.

Of course, I would love to win the prize basket! If you are a Facebook user, please visit the link and vote for your favorite!

Oh The Places You Will Go!

Last night I completed the order for custom bumper pads, made with fabric I had listed for sale at my Etsy site. I love Dr. Suess so these were a thrill to make. Stitching them up brought back great memories of sewing and decorating for my own son years ago - such an exciting time it was! I couldn't help but think of the new baby that will sleep and dream within these walls:-)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Christa's Quilt Along - Hugs and Kisses Quilt

OK, I am half way finished with this week's assignment for the Hugs and Kisses Quilt Along led by Christa over at Christa's Quilts. I have been wanting to make this pattern for a long time now, so participating was a no-brainer for me. The Quilt Along will keep me on track, and I am loving my fabric choices - it is going to be so cute!

If you are into FABRIC, you may enjoy this shameless post:

All my projects were brought to a hault this weekend! I was unintentionally sidetracked Saturday morning when I went looking for a pink fabric in my fabric closet. Only a quilter could understand, but three hours went by before I realized I was actually doing an overhaul. I just kinda got stuck in my closet -

I removed anything under 1/2 yard and folded it like a fat quarter.

I removed anything I did not feel I need to keep any longer (a large laundry basket full!). I separated the vintage fabrics that I just can't part with. I filled a bin with fabrics that may be good for art quilting, but not likely for anything else. It turned into quite a project! It all looks pretty good now, but I did not touch all those flannels, knits, wools, tons of CHENILLE'S (up top), fleeces, the scrap drawer, or the leather drawer, most of which are very rarely used and really taking up valuable (cotton!) space in there.

And if I were to sort those too, I could probably fit my Christmas fabric box (stored in my bedroom at this time), and my batiks (overflowed into a cardboard box) which have outgrown my 'batik cabinet'
Can you relate? I know it is SHAMELESS, but I LOVE my stash! 
This is my palette and I hope you enjoy the view!
I am proud to say I did not purchase any fabric for the Hugs and Kisses quilt:-)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tulips, Pea Pods, and the WINNER is...

I am so happy to have participated in The Winter Blues Blog Hop Party! I was really looking to attract some visitors to my new site, and the hop exceeded expectations; my giveaway received 167 entries!
And I did not expect to actually do the hop, but of course I was lured right in by the chance to WIN one of the amazing giveaways, and spent many hours surfing around to admire all the quilting posts and photos. As a result, I did not get a whole lot of sewing done this week, but I am now following some amazing sites, AND I now have followers to help keep me motivated!
I did attend my quilt guild meeting and completed two tulip blocks. The pattern used is from Four Corners, titled Field of Flowers.  I chose to do just two small blocks that I will turn into something or other (wallhangings?) for spring: (That second one is just sitting on the orange stripe fabric)
While surfing, I came across this tutorial for a simple bag by Noodle Head. I found out it was my niece who chose the cute Pea Pod fabric that was included in my Birthday fabrics, and I figure it is a good way to give back to her since her birthday is coming up. I will find something nice to put inside-
So, time to announce the lucky winner of the drawing for my Heather Bailey fabric bundle:
Mama Said Sew said...
"I love your owl mug rug! Thanks for the giveaway. ;)"

 I did not have entry requirements so I was pleasantly surprised that so many quilters chose to follow me on GFC and through email. So pleased in fact, I decided to throw all the followers names into a bowl for an additional giveaway! 
 Couldn't quite part with any more of my Heather Bailey, but thought this is also springtime-ish, and likely to appeal to my new quilting buddies, so I cut 1/4 yard of each:
Two are by Sandy Hendreson for Farmer's Market, and the third is called 'Seedings'.

 And the winner of this 'follower appreciatation' bonus prize is:
Mary, who happens to be from my 'home' state, Washington!
Hope you like it Mary!
Thank you all for participating!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Making 3D Puffy Bow Tie Blocks - Tutorial


I made a few Block of the Month quilts from Marti Mitchell in the early 90's. One block included these three dimensional Bow Ties, and this morning I threw together some scrap squares to see if I could recollect just how it was done. I am participating in a Hugs and Kisses Quilt Along with Christa Quilts and I am considering making mine in this way:
 Start with five equal size blocks:                              
Fold one in half and arrange as pictured, then flip another on top and sew that righthand seam:

 Open up your bundle and place that folded piece onto the next square, aligning raw edges. Then flip the last square on top and stitch:

 I finger-pressed seams to dark side. You should now have somthing like this:

 Now, open up that middle square, nestling your center seam and catching all raw edges so they will be caught in your final seam:
Open, press and trim for completed block!

I couldn't find a photo of that original BOM I mentioned - it now resides in Spokane, WA.
But here is another I made at the same time period. It is a UFO I pulled out last fall and added the sashings to, it is not quite as this layout shows and I actually did finish all the corners with white stars  - just need to layer, quilt, and bind.
I hope to complete this before Christmas this year!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Surprise Fabrics in the Mailbox!

Look what I received in the mail Friday!!
My mother was stumped with my birthday this year, and I suggested she swing into a quilt shop and pick up a yard of fabric. Since she is not a quilter, and struggles with some colorblindedness, I knew she may be overwhelmed with the selections, and reassured it that I will love anything she is attracted to. She enlisted the help of my sister Julia, and Niece Kristen, and off they went to Keepsake Cottage Fabrics. Here is also their blog...

I am glad they went together since apparently they have a TON of fabric. My mother said they were very helpful, and they spent two hours (they must be patient there too!) enjoying all their options.

Hopefully this has helped my family better understand my crazy obsession with fabric.

I am having fun sorting through their selections and adding them to different collections/piles of 'to do' projects. I hadn't yet seen the Ticklish line by Moda -- so cute!! Love the batiks and the retros, and the great variety they selected:-)

Friday, March 8, 2013

PARTY TIME! Winter Blues Blog Hop Giveaway

At last, the Blog Hop has begun! I am excited to be participating in the Winter Blues Blog Hop Giveaway with fellow quilter's, thanks to our host, Michele at the Quilting Gallery .
Although I have been making quilts for many years now, I am new to the online quilting community. I have really enjoyed visiting quilt sites and hope to inspire other quilter's in a similar manner.
This week I have been working on some sewing/needle books I plan to post on my Etsy site. I haven't quite ironed out the exact plan, so you will notice there are several sizes. I pieced a dozen or so that are waiting for quilting, pockets, and wool pages. I had hoped to have these completed for the giveaway this week, but was sidetracked and will now have to save one for the next giveaway(!)
  I did complete one prototype, pictured on my Birthday Post. These pictured are a bit bigger..

If you linked here from Michele's list, I want to reward you for making it through to the R's. (keep on clicking, your over 75% done & only 8 more letters to go!). If you have no idea what I am referring to, click the Blog Hop Linky up top to find the list of sites filled with Giveaways!
From my stash, I am offering this lovely fabric bundle of three 1/2 yard cuts of POP Garden by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit:
 I hope you love it!
Anyone worldwide can qualify for the giveaway, just comment on this post prior to 5:00 PM EST (that's 2PM Pacific Standard Time!) Friday, March 15, 2013. I will post results and notify the very lucky, random winner by email that afternoon (make sure your current email is available!).
If you choose to follow my blog, it is the greatest compliment I could receive and much appreciated.
Sometimes it is hard to reach my own back, so thanks for the pat!

Sorry this giveaway is CLOSED for entries!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mug Rugs Received!

Today I received the mug rug's from the SWAP! I love them!
They were stitched and mailed by Nancy from Connecticut. I love the Goo-Goo eyes, and all the lovely prints she selected. Nancy enclosed a nice card and the lovely quilt labels she made as well. How fun, I will definitely do another swap soon!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

EZ Method for Nine Patch Blocks

A new method for me, I decided to try the nine patch blocks I found at an older post from TLC Stitches . I pulled out a layer cake I have had for some time; a collection of 10" squares from Keepsake Quilting called 'Sweet Baby'. Following her instructions, I began with two 5 1/2" squares, and completed two 4 1/2" squares from each pair.

I added border pieces to one block from each pair and set aside the other.

Two crib quilt  tops were created this way (Not sure yet what I will do with borders)

I really had fun trying this out, and I do recommend it for nine patches with only two fabrics. I found it to be quite accurate and only a few of my blocks even needed trimming to complete.

I used a yellow solid for the boy quilt and found there really was not enough contrast, even after adding an additional bar and square to each block. So, I added a teal stripe, and more yellow squares to liven it up and to help make the yellow diagonals a bit more pronounced.

I chose a teal fabric for the girl quilt which I am currently piecing. I thought it would be nice to coordinate these quilts, perhaps for twins:-)

The really great part is that I now have 24 additional nine patches to make a third (and fourth?) baby quilt with. I love these 'sweet baby' prints!

And another bonus: After cutting away 2.5" square of each (I am collecting 2.5" baby prints for a future, 'truly' scrap quilt I plan to make), I still have good size pieces of each print leftover from the original 10" squares. I will likely use these in the border of the third quilt.

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