Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Making 3D Puffy Bow Tie Blocks - Tutorial


I made a few Block of the Month quilts from Marti Mitchell in the early 90's. One block included these three dimensional Bow Ties, and this morning I threw together some scrap squares to see if I could recollect just how it was done. I am participating in a Hugs and Kisses Quilt Along with Christa Quilts and I am considering making mine in this way:
 Start with five equal size blocks:                              
Fold one in half and arrange as pictured, then flip another on top and sew that righthand seam:

 Open up your bundle and place that folded piece onto the next square, aligning raw edges. Then flip the last square on top and stitch:

 I finger-pressed seams to dark side. You should now have somthing like this:

 Now, open up that middle square, nestling your center seam and catching all raw edges so they will be caught in your final seam:
Open, press and trim for completed block!

I couldn't find a photo of that original BOM I mentioned - it now resides in Spokane, WA.
But here is another I made at the same time period. It is a UFO I pulled out last fall and added the sashings to, it is not quite as this layout shows and I actually did finish all the corners with white stars  - just need to layer, quilt, and bind.
I hope to complete this before Christmas this year!


  1. That's an interesting technique. Thanks for the tute :)

  2. I learned this tecnique a month ago and now have 1200 (yup 1200)
    more to make for a queen size quilt
    I saw on Missouri Quilt Company..
    Thanks for the tutorial so many more can have fun.. it really is fun to do.


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