Saturday, January 30, 2016

Scrappy Saturday -

Just a wee bit of blue to share!
Two more RSC16 Challenge blocks I have decided on.
First, a Dahlia block, to include on my Daily Dots Journal Quilt!(Quilty365 at Quilty Folk)
Amazingly, we are almost done with blue already.
I figure ONE more block is doable, so I sneaked in a small Log Cabin. Twelve blocks by the end of the year will make a cute baby quilt.
 Courthouse Steps Block, I think it came out 8".

That's it, Last-Blue Saturday! 
Time to check-in for Rainbow Scrap Challenge!
It is so fun to share!


Friday, January 29, 2016

Primarily Circles Modern Baby Quilt Finished!

Cheers! I am celebrating another UFO completed!
Photos taken out our local library
Cool bikeracks, eh?
Primarily Squared Quilt Stats:

31" Square
Block tutorial from Linda's Quiltmania.
White Kona Sashing and Border.
Vintage Zoo Backing Fabric, from my Stash!
Ingeo-Fiber Batting
Random ZigZag FMQuilting with Aurifil 50wt, on my Juki TL98E
Flanged Binding: Suzie's Magic Binding at 52 Quilts, (modified with 1 5/16" wide strip blue fabric, and 1 1/2" strip of orange fabric).
This finish meets my January Goal with OMG!
And, my first Quarter One finish with the 2016FAL! (goal number one HERE)

Linking up today with the following Parties:
OMG: It's Finished!

Needle and Thread Thursday

Myra is hosting TGIFF this week at Busy Hands Quilt!



Sunday, January 24, 2016

OMG It's Finished Party! January 2015

Dearest Quilty Goal-Setter's,
It is time to celebrate our January accomplishments!

I am thrilled at the response to the inaugural goal-setting party! 
Old and new friends alike: Thank you all for linking up!

Sparkly, FAT prizes are fun to offer each month, to help keep everyone motivated of course! I am working on it, and I am aiming for UNIQUE!
Slowly, I am delving into the world of sponsorship. As far as advertisement goes, I intend to seek & select shops that interest me. Products that will, hopefully, excite you too!  
And Guess what?  
I found a shop that fits the bill! 

I am very very pleased to announce our first sponsor of OMG:

Bagmaker Supply is a Chicago-based shop currently on Etsy. They provide a wonderful variety of professional-quality purse hardware: magnetic closures & snaps, zippers, metal feet & corners, grommets, rings, handles, turn-locks & clasps, buckles, and more hard-to-find supplies!

YAY! This means we have some bag-making to look forward to! So excited, (smirk), I went right to work creating my Daily Dot when I heard the news:
First things first though - one goal at a time, haha:)
How are those January goals coming along? I can hardly wait to see your lovely finishes!
I hit my target and will post final pics of Primarily Circles in the next few days. Until then, I will just pat my own back ;)

The linky is open through January 31st...
The winner of the Valentine bundle will be drawn by random number and notified by email on Feb. 1st. 
OK! Put the peddle down - Lets Party!

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Blocks!

This year, I am hoppin' on the RainbowScrapChallenge!
I came up with a block that utilizes my "odd-strips" bin, as well as my heaping neutrals bin.
I'm thinking I will make two of these each month.

My second one is in-process. I start by making a panel with blue strips trimmed to 1.5", and neutral strips trimmed to 3.5".
The strips are about 18.5" long.
Next, I'll cross-cut the panel into 1.5" strips, and of course, I sew them all back together again.
That is what we do, yes?
Well, it isn't quite that simple actually:)
I had to rip a few seams and re-position them to make the 12.5" block.
This whole process created a bunch of leftover scraps that I trimmed to look like this,
I think it will make a nice border!
Perhaps the blocks will look cool set on point.
They are certain to create some fun, design wall time!

Following are the lovely places I am linking this block,
then I am back to the sewing grind!


Quilting is more fun than Housework

Quilter in the Closet

Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016 FAL - Quarter One

Time to link up potential finishes for 2016 Quarter One.
Goal-setting is great.
FAL 2016
Hear Hear.

When it comes to my sewing room however, I like to work on whatever I am inspired by when I enter.

This makes selecting anticipated finishes for each quarter a bit challenging. In the past, I have listed tons of UFO's that I would like to finish, plus anything I may be inspired to do.

This time, I've decided to be more realistic selecting which quilts I may conquer to meet the three finishes I am shooting for.

Perhaps it takes more than three darts to hit a hat trick,
but hopefully not EVERY dart I have access to.
Who knows what I will work on!
Let's face it, I enjoy the distraction of small projects and new patchwork. That said, I will be very happy if I can finish more flimsies than I create this year.

I've selected seven UFO's that are nearly ready to be quilted:

1. Primarily Circles: A baby quilt I selected as my January Goal for OMG.
2. A twin-size quilt for my mother in her favorite, yellow and blue colorway. She has been waiting for years and this will surprise her - no pictures for this reason.
3. Summer Gathering
4. Christmas Sampler from 25 years ago. yikes...
5. SW Block made into a tote
6. Sew Simplicity
7. Last but not least, and making it's first appearance here, I present:
Super-old UFO with no name.
Maybe I will just call it "Older Than Dirt"

Linking up with Leanne at She Can Quilt, (#143)!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Quilty 365: My Daily Dots!

My Daily Dots began on November 30th.
This will be my first time using the Quilt-As-You-Go method. It seems like a good idea since this is certain to be a large finish!
Still working on some big-stitch quilting! The circles are made using the method I describe in my tutorial for making heart shaped applique. They can be finished as reverse applique like I am doing here, or with the seams clipped and pressed inward for a more traditional finish.

I kept notes from each day regarding the choice in dots, used muslin for my backing, and wrote about the month on the backside using a bronze Sharpie. It worked well until the ink began running out.
I guess that just adds to the character ;)
How's that for documentation?

I haven't been this excited about a quilt in awhile! It's no wonder that so many people are jumping on board with this quilt along: It is addictive, and FUN!

There are a lot of beautiful DOTS linked up Quilty Folk!

Throwback Thursday!

Time to share another Blast From the Past!
Searching through photo archives, I selected snapshots of a few baby quilts to share!
All are made without patchwork,
A great way to practice free-motion quilting!
These were made when it was announced that good friends of ours were expecting twins.
I've gifted a lot of baby quilts over the year's, and always so grateful to receive photos later, of the babies with their quilts!
I stitched rows of 5" sailboats connected by waves on the blue quilt,
You will just have to take my word for it since they are not visible in the photos.
For the floral quilt, I followed the pattern of the print.
Spirals for each of the yellow flowers, outlined the pink posies, and connected them with loopy's.
I didn't even bother with borders for this third quilt:

Yellow flannel backing
Looks like I was stash-busting some JoAnn's fabric for all of these quilts.
I do love the big flowers stitched on this cute little bee print.
I was an Aurifil-lover before it was cool!
I may have to re-visit this pattern one day!

All three of these were made approximately 10 years ago(?), before I was aware of the wonderful online quilting community. Throwback Thursday, hosted by Jenn at Quarter Inch From the Edge, is a great way to share a bit of our quilting history!
Thank you Jenn!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

One Monthly Goal: January Goal

Thought I ought to set a goal and join the party, haha!

I am having tons of fun visiting sites who have linked up with One Monthly Goal's Inaugural Party! Some sites are new to me, some I regularly follow, and some I am reacquainting with!
Thank you ALL so much for participating!

As well as striving for finishes, the social aspect was one thing I loved about ALYoF, both aspects swayed me to launch OMG.

I must admit though, I rarely commented to posts that were linked with the ALYoF Flickr Group! I have a Flickr account that I post to once or twice a month, and I've enjoyed joining groups there in the past. I am not sure why it never occurred to me to join the group and share the love!

Viewing the groups' pictures all in one place heightens the sense of accomplishment, so I will be posting there regularly! The more we support one another the merrier!

If you have a Flickr account, I encourage you to join the OMG: One Monthly Goal Flickr Group and share there too!

Back to that striving-for-finishes bit:

This month I have a small UFO I would like to finish.

I found the tutorial for this block at Linda's Quiltmania.

Actually there are four blocks. I need to dig them up, this pic is from a couple years ago. I think I know where they are.
Primarily Circles

I aim to sash, border, sandwich, quilt, and bind these cuties to complete this small baby quilt.

Tackling UFO's one at a time - Let's do this thing!

New Linkup HERE!
Sharing these fun block with Jen today as well:
Quilter in the Closet
Check out Jen's new 100 Day Challenge! It is easier than it looks! Choose three goals and linkup on Wednesday, or simply state them in the comments!
Today is Linky Tuesday over at Connie's Place:
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