Friday, October 31, 2014

Eco-Friendly Ingeo Fibers

I have a finish to share, I promise!
First, look what I recently bumped in to on the Las Vegas Strip!
I've never seen this many different Singers! Unfortunately I could not stay to admire these more closely since I busy with family - I will have to return one day soon!
This is the collection of All Saints, inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel. I will be sure to take something other than my cell phone camera next time...
Well, glare or no, I thought someone may appreciate seeing these :-) Now, on to my new batting...

When I selected a quilt to finish for my goal this month, I referred to this quilt as Primarily Gingham.
As I photographed it this afternoon, it brought to mind watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. 
Tweety & Sylvester, Tasmanian Devil, Mickey Mouse, Roadrunner, & Donald Duck seem to be enjoying a fun picnic together.

Saturday Morning Cartoons, 42" square

Recently, I scored four new battings made of  100% PLA Fiber. I had not heard of it for quilting and looked it up online. Apparently it is a new type of polyester derived entirely from plants (primarily corn and potatoes). I found good reviews on Amazon for PLA comforters that are described as 'down-alternative' and decided to give it a whirl..
Basting and quilting was smooth enough. I love the result for this quilt - much more than I anticipated I would! The product I am working with is made by Eco-Craft, I am not sure if it is still available. It is not as stiff a batting as polyester, and quite low-loft.  
The result is a very light and cuddly baby quilt. The drape feels like a hand-quilted cotton. I think it is perfectly suitable batting for a warm-weather bed quilt, summer throw, or a year-round baby quilt (since they seem to layer and double-fold).
The disadvantage to this batting is the recommended care: cold water gentle wash, flat dry (no dryer or iron). It is nice to be able to beat up a baby blanket with hot water and quickdry, but avoiding the heat does make a quilt last twice as long, and I reckon a good habit for any quilt.

I have not had the chance to use Quilter's Dream Green, and now I wonder if it has a softer drape like this, or the stiff, poly-type? I will have to look into this, and hmm, maybe it is machine washable too..

It has been awhile since I linked a Friday finish! And just in the nick of time, I achieved my Lovely Year of Finishes Goal! I wish now that I had planned a spookier one. Instead, I will share one of my favorite pictures of our late cat, Mister Cat. His picture is not too spooky either, but cool anyway.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Aurifil Designer of the Month

Aurifil's October Designer of the Month is Natalia Bonner! Natalia blogs at Piece N Quilt, a site filled with modern inspiration and admirable quilting. In fact, she will be quilting the final Aurifil quilt top for their gallery!

Natalia's block is Circle of Love.
My version started with a little log cabin apple.

Read Natalia's interview and download the free pattern here. If you do stitch this up, be sure and post it to the Aurifil Flickr Group for your chance to win the monthly thread drawing!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sew STAUNCH Blogger's Quilt Festival Entry
Time again for Amy's brilliant quilt show!
The Blogger's Quilt Festival is the brainchild of Amy Ellis, from Amy's Creative Side. This show is a serious must-see for those who, like me, are interested in inspiration, and a serious must-do for those, like me, who simply like to share their quilty accomplishments!
Today I am pleased to share my entry for the Mini Quilts category:
Sew Staunch was named for and inspired by Kathreen Ricketson, the late (and great) author and blogger from Down Under. This is a mini-version from her book, 'Brave New Quilts'. (Amazon link)
A cheery and bright finish, yet making this quilt put me in a very reflective mood. I thought much of the women of our past who've helped pave the way toward equality and expression. Kathreen included her family in her own creative ambitions and endeavor's. I thought of her, and the children she and her husband left behind, and so it was a bit sad in the making at times. Online, we have this whole new group of pioneering women and this is how I think of Kathreen. 
I selected favored scraps to work into each circle.
I was listening to Sue Monk Kidd's, 'The Invention of Wings' while quilting. Fuel to the (reflective)fire, that one...

I chose a bright and windy day to photograph!
I hope you have enjoyed reading about Sew Staunch!
SEW STAUNCH, 20" X 20"

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Vintage MIX for Le Challenge!

My vintage lightweights have attracted me lately. Many of them I have hoarded for some time now without purpose. I find them so cute.  This month I decided to MIX the new with the old to create fresh, yet traditional patchwork.
I have a few of these in my kitchen. One serves as a dish mat on the counter, but they're also fun under a fruit bowl.
Or, perhaps under a bowl of Trick-or-Treat candy.
This one mixes a couple of my favorite vintage pieces, plus a bit of oop Flea Market Fancy and the Spoons are Lizzy Dish by Andover. Can you see the squirrels and foxes in the white print?
A fun Fall set for my shop, right?

Living in a hot climate, I appreciate quilts made with lightweight fabric!
And light batting too! Prior to desert life, I wondered who would bother making a quilt without ANY batting? Just nutty, right? My current sofa quilt has no batting. I love all the old 'yucky' fabrics in it, and it is backed with a sheet and tied. Ha! I did not make it, but I just might make an empty sandwich of my own someday. Probably won't back it with a sheet, but who's to say...

I do LOVE to use vintage fabrics, however I am quite particular about the projects for which they are suited. Who wants to spend time on intricate patchwork for a quilt that will not last well?

I hope you enjoyed my Patchwork MIX! Check out Le Challenge Linkup, and consider making something for the November X-Challenge!

Linking as well with Leanne's Scraptastic Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

September Goal ALYoF

Working on one thing at a time has become a far-fetched dream lately!
Sometimes my fantasies include a studio design space separate from the construction area(s!). All 'other' projects kept out of sight and out of mind! And the fabric especially distracts me, I try not to look at it, but it ropes me in on a daily basis.
Almost like a dream, I have to wake myself up, set aside yet another little pile of fabrics I have been pulling together, and get back to work.
A recent pull mixing vintage, linen, solid, modern and oop cottons. If only we could make them as fast as envisioning them!

My goal finish this month is to finish a flimsy that is currently hanging on the back of my sewing room door. I whipped it together last week while 'thinning' fabrics. Often the fabric I pull to de-stash is just not what I want to sell online, and somehow I rope myself into 'saving' it! In this case, I envisioned a fun, lightweight baby quilt with traditional patchwork and primary colors.
Primarily Gingham Baby Quilt!

I will choose a backing, thin batting and have this quilted by the end of the month! If I am real good, and stay focused, I may even have a binding attached!

Linking up with Fiber of all Sorts ALYoF October Goal Setting Party (73)!
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