Friday, October 31, 2014

Eco-Friendly Ingeo Fibers

I have a finish to share, I promise!
First, look what I recently bumped in to on the Las Vegas Strip!
I've never seen this many different Singers! Unfortunately I could not stay to admire these more closely since I busy with family - I will have to return one day soon!
This is the collection of All Saints, inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel. I will be sure to take something other than my cell phone camera next time...
Well, glare or no, I thought someone may appreciate seeing these :-) Now, on to my new batting...

When I selected a quilt to finish for my goal this month, I referred to this quilt as Primarily Gingham.
As I photographed it this afternoon, it brought to mind watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. 
Tweety & Sylvester, Tasmanian Devil, Mickey Mouse, Roadrunner, & Donald Duck seem to be enjoying a fun picnic together.

Saturday Morning Cartoons, 42" square

Recently, I scored four new battings made of  100% PLA Fiber. I had not heard of it for quilting and looked it up online. Apparently it is a new type of polyester derived entirely from plants (primarily corn and potatoes). I found good reviews on Amazon for PLA comforters that are described as 'down-alternative' and decided to give it a whirl..
Basting and quilting was smooth enough. I love the result for this quilt - much more than I anticipated I would! The product I am working with is made by Eco-Craft, I am not sure if it is still available. It is not as stiff a batting as polyester, and quite low-loft.  
The result is a very light and cuddly baby quilt. The drape feels like a hand-quilted cotton. I think it is perfectly suitable batting for a warm-weather bed quilt, summer throw, or a year-round baby quilt (since they seem to layer and double-fold).
The disadvantage to this batting is the recommended care: cold water gentle wash, flat dry (no dryer or iron). It is nice to be able to beat up a baby blanket with hot water and quickdry, but avoiding the heat does make a quilt last twice as long, and I reckon a good habit for any quilt.

I have not had the chance to use Quilter's Dream Green, and now I wonder if it has a softer drape like this, or the stiff, poly-type? I will have to look into this, and hmm, maybe it is machine washable too..

It has been awhile since I linked a Friday finish! And just in the nick of time, I achieved my Lovely Year of Finishes Goal! I wish now that I had planned a spookier one. Instead, I will share one of my favorite pictures of our late cat, Mister Cat. His picture is not too spooky either, but cool anyway.



  1. Lovevthe primary colours and cartoon characters- and a lovely pic of the cat!

  2. Love the Singer machines photos and the finished quilt is great with all the characters I grew up with.


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