Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Vintage MIX for Le Challenge!

My vintage lightweights have attracted me lately. Many of them I have hoarded for some time now without purpose. I find them so cute.  This month I decided to MIX the new with the old to create fresh, yet traditional patchwork.
I have a few of these in my kitchen. One serves as a dish mat on the counter, but they're also fun under a fruit bowl.
Or, perhaps under a bowl of Trick-or-Treat candy.
This one mixes a couple of my favorite vintage pieces, plus a bit of oop Flea Market Fancy and the Spoons are Lizzy Dish by Andover. Can you see the squirrels and foxes in the white print?
A fun Fall set for my shop, right?

Living in a hot climate, I appreciate quilts made with lightweight fabric!
And light batting too! Prior to desert life, I wondered who would bother making a quilt without ANY batting? Just nutty, right? My current sofa quilt has no batting. I love all the old 'yucky' fabrics in it, and it is backed with a sheet and tied. Ha! I did not make it, but I just might make an empty sandwich of my own someday. Probably won't back it with a sheet, but who's to say...

I do LOVE to use vintage fabrics, however I am quite particular about the projects for which they are suited. Who wants to spend time on intricate patchwork for a quilt that will not last well?

I hope you enjoyed my Patchwork MIX! Check out Le Challenge Linkup, and consider making something for the November X-Challenge!

Linking as well with Leanne's Scraptastic Tuesday!


  1. those mats are great - colourful and practical! Great mix of fabrics

  2. Great use of vintage fabrics, thanks for participating in le challenge!

  3. A really fun mix of fabrics. I want to make a quilt with batting too one day - it is far too hot where I live for a real quilt!

  4. Cute and fun! Sadly don't have the weather for a no wadding quilt but one day maybe if global warming brings heat and not the extra rain we seem to be getting in the UK!

    Thank so much for linking up with Scraptastic Tuesday!

  5. Great idea for using up fabric. I have seen this kind of thing being used under bowls and plates when you are eating off your lap.

  6. Lovely mats. Visiting from scraptastic tuesday

  7. These are gorgeous, I adore your fabric choices! I love repro and 30s prints and they'll look so pretty in your kitchen! Thanks for linking to le challenge :)

  8. I love mixing vintage fabrics with moderns. Been trying to sneak those in together lately when an appropriate project comes up. Love your dish mat quilt. I need to pick up some backing like that.


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