Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016 FAL - Quarter One

Time to link up potential finishes for 2016 Quarter One.
Goal-setting is great.
FAL 2016
Hear Hear.

When it comes to my sewing room however, I like to work on whatever I am inspired by when I enter.

This makes selecting anticipated finishes for each quarter a bit challenging. In the past, I have listed tons of UFO's that I would like to finish, plus anything I may be inspired to do.

This time, I've decided to be more realistic selecting which quilts I may conquer to meet the three finishes I am shooting for.

Perhaps it takes more than three darts to hit a hat trick,
but hopefully not EVERY dart I have access to.
Who knows what I will work on!
Let's face it, I enjoy the distraction of small projects and new patchwork. That said, I will be very happy if I can finish more flimsies than I create this year.

I've selected seven UFO's that are nearly ready to be quilted:

1. Primarily Circles: A baby quilt I selected as my January Goal for OMG.
2. A twin-size quilt for my mother in her favorite, yellow and blue colorway. She has been waiting for years and this will surprise her - no pictures for this reason.
3. Summer Gathering
4. Christmas Sampler from 25 years ago. yikes...
5. SW Block made into a tote
6. Sew Simplicity
7. Last but not least, and making it's first appearance here, I present:
Super-old UFO with no name.
Maybe I will just call it "Older Than Dirt"

Linking up with Leanne at She Can Quilt, (#143)!


  1. Older Than Dirt -- gotta love it! It even has a dirt background. Sew Simplicity would be my choice to finish ...

  2. Staying focused on projects is a constant challenge for me also - good luck with your Q1 list!

  3. Good luck. I love "Older than Dirt" -- gave me a great chuckle.

  4. You have only 7 that need quilting?? I don't want to even try and count my TBQ flimsies.
    You have Christmas sampler from 25 years ago? That's a long time to fall out of love with a quilt. Hope you make this lofty goal.

  5. Best of luck completing each of your goals.

  6. Good luck with your goals, I love having the push of the challenge!! I'm like you, most days when I go into my studio I do what I am in the mood for that day, thus so many UFO's!!

  7. I wish you lots of luck with your goals. You have some wonderful quilts waiting for a finish.

  8. 25 years old, seriously? Lots of nice things here... good luck!

  9. You've got a good list for the quarter. A good mix of the old (25 years?) and the new. Good luck with your goals this quarter.


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