Sunday, March 10, 2013

Surprise Fabrics in the Mailbox!

Look what I received in the mail Friday!!
My mother was stumped with my birthday this year, and I suggested she swing into a quilt shop and pick up a yard of fabric. Since she is not a quilter, and struggles with some colorblindedness, I knew she may be overwhelmed with the selections, and reassured it that I will love anything she is attracted to. She enlisted the help of my sister Julia, and Niece Kristen, and off they went to Keepsake Cottage Fabrics. Here is also their blog...

I am glad they went together since apparently they have a TON of fabric. My mother said they were very helpful, and they spent two hours (they must be patient there too!) enjoying all their options.

Hopefully this has helped my family better understand my crazy obsession with fabric.

I am having fun sorting through their selections and adding them to different collections/piles of 'to do' projects. I hadn't yet seen the Ticklish line by Moda -- so cute!! Love the batiks and the retros, and the great variety they selected:-)


  1. What a thoughtful birthday present! They selected a wonderful range of fabrics :)

  2. Your family really loves you! Wonderful selection!


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