Saturday, February 23, 2013

Finishing Touches - Quilt Label Experiments

Today was all about finishing some things up. A few quilt labels to finish, and I have a couple quilts I would like to enter in our local show next month that require hanging sleeves...

I purchased several different permanent ink pens recently, and finally tested them for writing on fabric, and washability. The skinny pen I purchased a while back at a local quilt shop just did not write well, and making labels at the computer has not been practical.
The group on the bottom swatch are all Bic and Sharpie. They have so many colors available, I just had to try. Best of those was the Sharpie Metallic, It is the one I used for the Figgy Swirl ...however it did end up bleeding after writing a few more words, and was hard to control line width.
  So I ran to the art store and selected four more options (up on the top swatch). The micron pen is the same as the one I have from the quilt shop, except much wider and half the price. I bought both a red and black of the Lumocolor, and the Decocolor paint pen ultrafine.
I ended up using the red Lumo pen for my Snowball quilt:

Both of these quilts will go to the show, so I added sleeves to each:
Today I really wanted to finish some things, so after spending some time trying to figure out how to mirror image my text with the odd photo software I have, I gave up and used the iron-on ones I made a while back to finish up my mug rugs:

Still going strong, I tackled the binding and hanging sleeve for the little Easter Birdie I made with the mug rugs...
I now have plenty of hand work for TV time, however I am not really in love with any of my label techniques. I used to embroider them, and really want to find a nice yet easy method.
Sooo, after reading a post at Patchwork Pottery, I ordered some twill tape and will experiment next time with her method for labelling...
What is your Go-To pen for quilt labels?

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