Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grandmother's Flower Garden

My husband and I have returned from our trip to Seattle. We had a great getaway for my mother's 75th Birthday. I did not make it to any quilt shops, but we did have fun rummaging at a few estate sales. I love finding vintage linens to post at my Etsy site.

While flying, I completed the 19th block for Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt. I started these in about 1994, and have apparently only averaged one per year(!). since it has been in the works for so many years, the blocks are a real mixture of old and new fabrics. This is my 'travel' project, so most of them have been done on airplanes/airports. 8yrs ago I finally started writing the dates and places on the back of each block , after I realized I couldnt remember which one I had made first.

This one actually says AZ , Nov 2012 because I did most of it while visiting the in-laws during the holidays.

Here is the incomplete block that actually says Seattle, Feb 2013.

And here are some of them last time I 'auditioned' border fabric. Funny, I saved a green for years for this quilt, several times wanting to cut into, then switched to a different green a few years ago, and now I am considering something like this mint green shabby chic. I dont think I actually have enough of this particular one though..
I really need to decide on a fabric and start the bordering patches though.
I prefer someone inherit this as a completed quilt!
Maybe peach? Yellow-orange? Or peach-on-white?


  1. I love the old-fashioned Grandmother's Flower Garden like this one so much better than the modern versions of the hexagons. Yours are beautiful! I can't wait to see what border you choose.

  2. Your patches look great! Makes me want to learn to make hexagons!


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