Saturday, September 17, 2016

Red Rosy, Red Rosy

September's RSC block challenge is inspired by roses.
Red and gold roses.

September Kite Tail #1: Owl Rose
September Kite Tail #2: Dragonfly Rose
My August blocks are hiding there under the roses. It is a full pizza box, which means we are getting close to assembly!
Summertime Kite Tails: Majestic Watermelon Roses
Last month, our blocks were inspired by Purple Mountains.

And my Baby Courthouse block for August turned out kind of cute!
this is my 300th blog post! I knew it was coming, but I did not prepare a proper celebration. My bad!
I sure wish I could invite ya'll over to celebrate.
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I enjoy the social side of blogging SO much, and feel fortunate to meet quilter's who live all over the world, right from the comfort of my home. 300 posts is a lot of writing for someone who does not actually enjoy writing! Sometimes I wonder how many more quilts I could finish per year if I did not blog (a reoccurring thought, generally right before a post is due). I  always come to the same conclusion once I've thought it over: The rewards of documentation, conversations, laughter, and resourceful friendships are well worth the time spent. Although I've had to cut it back this year and have not been able to participate in hops, giveaways, or QAL's much, I am considering some options for One Monthly Goal in 2017 to improve all that. For now, my sincere appreciation will keep you all at bay!

For the friendships, encouragement, kudos, and virtual hugs, I sincerely want to Thank You!

I will be back with another update soon so I can share the house blocks I have been working on!

Quilting is more fun than Housework


  1. Your blocks are so beautiful. I have loved watching them grow!

  2. Happy 300th blog post!! Your ROSE blocks look SEW pretty, as do all the others.

  3. 300--whoohoo! Have you ever posted your process for the kitetail blocks?

  4. Congratulations on 300 posts! For someone who doesn't like to write, you do it well! And I'm glad you do! I've enjoyed following along your journey! XO

  5. Happy 300th! I've just started quilting and just found you. So lots to go back to read.

  6. Congratulations on 300 posts! I hope you'll have time to do a quick quilt along next month.

  7. Congrats! I was curious how many I have :) I'm at 318 at the moment :)

  8. That little cat face is just too cute on that courthouse block. Congratulations on your post count. I agree, the social aspect of blogging, along with documenting my work, is really what makes me continue.

  9. Lovely blocks, that's a great photo of them all together! I too enjoy sharing my quilts as I work on them, I am continually inspired by others, and I love all the quilty friendships!

  10. Congratulations on 300 posts. Lovely kite tail blocks. Am looking forward to seeing how you put them all together.

  11. Congrats on 300! Hope you keep at it - I love your blog! I can't wait to see your blocks together. Thanks for linking them up to Oh Scrap!

  12. So glad you are a blogger. Thank you especially for OMG. It helped me to finish a project I had been putting off. Congrats on your 300fh blog.

  13. I LOVE your kite tail blocks! They are pretty in every color! Congratulations on your 300th post, too. I know that the inspiration I get from being part of the blogging universe has definitely made the work of blogging worth it for me!

  14. Congratulations!! I, for one, am so glad you decide to write. I love seeing what you do and getting to "know" you.

  15. Your blocks are looking great. Congrats on post #300!!!


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