Sunday, September 25, 2016

Color-Matching Kona Cotton Seattle MOJO

My Pixie Summer Home Quilt has taken off in it's own direction.
Destination: Unknown.
These are the Hometown Houses appearing on my design wall.
Lots of Seahawk MOJO,
The blue backgrounds will be infront of the lake/canal, houseboats atop it, and the sky is white. The "bluest skies you've ever seen" may be in Seattle, but somehow this sky is white. It's called, umm,  lack of planning, and it will make the Needle more challenging.
Work with me here, I've been improvisationally piecing Century Link Stadium:
hopefully that needle is in the future, a mountain or two, definitely more trees...

Meanwhile, I've been struggling with Kona at the Fat Quarter Shop, and it occurred to me...
I must know one or two Kona-nerds friends who would enjoy this color-matching thing...
Could it be true?

Two quilts are formulating in my brain, each similar in pattern and size, each for a nephew. I want to keep an adult-looking palette, yet stick with the specific team colors for each.
My sketch is a modern, elongated herringbone.

Nephew #1: Ted graduated from Seattle University this year and is pitching for the Seattle Mariner's in Arizona. Here is their uniform, sourced from WikiCommons.
Colors in my cart:
Questions for Kona Cotton Nerds:
1. What is your favorite white, and favorite black? I will probably use silver with a medium gray too, but not sure which ones play best with the silver.
2. Which of the teal green colors do you think best matches the team uniform? To me, the Emerald looks the most like teal, while the teal looks the most green. I also have Everglade, Glacier, Jade. Are the colors on the FQS website accurate/jive with the kona card?
3. It looks like there are several blues being used, maybe I should bring a navy in, but which blue best matches I wonder, the colors seem to change with the photos.

Nephew #2: entered University of Washington this week. I fill with emotion when I talk of these guys, something I avoid since it feels like bragging. Both earned full scholarships, this one academically, and including his Master's program. Little Ty is a Husky now.

Colors in my cart:
Gold: Papaya, Butterscotch, Cheddar, Grellow (not in order).
Purple: Bright Periwinkle, Purple, Hibiscus and REGAL
Maybe I should use ALL of them.

I need a crash-course on shopping for solids! My brain is in a whirl - any opinions are welcome!

And the Winner is:
Ty helped me draw for the Orphan Adoption winner this morning, and the Sew Kitschy blocks are packed to-go! They are on their way to Jennifer, who blogs at Little Black Cat Quilting!

Quilting is more fun than Housework

Quilter in the Closet


  1. I'm no Kona specialist; all I can say is Kona Silver is currently my favorite gray. All the others seem to be more on the brown side. You are one special aunt and you have every right to be proud!

  2. PS: I love your improv houses and trees, even with the white sky.

  3. Being originally from the Seattle area, I love your projects! If you use a bunch of solids, having a Kona color card helps so much. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. The Playcrafts site has a program that will tell you the Kona colours. You just upload a photo.

    1. I was going to suggest that as well, but you beat me to it. That's absolutely what I do. You can choose Kona solids or Bella solids.

  5. I'll be no help - matching colors from a computer screen is beyond my capabilities as long as I use my area's multitude of fabric stores as a crutch.

    Congrats on the boys - You deserve a little bragging once in a while. I'm a pro at bragging about my kids.

  6. The houses color scheme is great!

  7. I so love your pixie houses. I'm still working on mine as well.

  8. My favorite Kona white is actually their PFD. It's not as bright as the white.

  9. Lots of fun stuff in the works in your sewing room. I'm no help with the solids, but it looks like you've got a great start with your color selections for both quilts.

  10. It finally happened, pieced houseboats, love them. I miss 25 years in Seattle, but don't worry about the sky color, it really is more often pale. Two great rival teams, how are you going to do it? You just have to be sure you've got the right colors for the right game.

  11. Did you choose your Kona colors already? Teal is much more blue, and not what you're looking for. I think Caribbean would be my pick. Glacier and Jade are both a little more green. That said, Glacier or Emerald would be my second choice. For navy, I would look at Nightfall. It's a very dark blue.
    For the golds, Papaya is very bright, and kinda orange. Butterscotch is very muted. Cheddar is almost a pastel of the Papaya. I would also consider Curry and Corn Yellow.
    The purples is mostly how dark a color you want, except for Hibiscus. That one is much more violet. I'd probably pick purple.
    Having a card is wonderful! Mine is old, so I'm missing 60 colors. Time for a new card!

  12. No help with the color picking but if you use solids a lot I would definitely advise to get a color card. I like it a lot better than guessing :) Computer monitors tend to show colors differently and seeing the colors from the card in both natural and artifical light always helps me.

    And your quilts will be gorgeous. I already like the color combination ideas and your nephews will love them!


Thank you for sharing your comments!

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