Thursday, July 30, 2015

You Say Selvage, I say Selvedge

At least they sound about the same! Both are correct, but I have always used the spelling 'selvedge'. I guess the edge part just makes sense to me..

Well, you guessed it, I am distracted today by my selvedges and decided to jump on the Selvage Along bandwagon!
I found the button at Quilts of a Feather. This week we are linking up our selvedge storage systems - there is one more day to link if you are feeling impulsive!

My storage system was not very photogenic - hidden in a large drawer buried in a walk-in. I pulled them all out and did a rough sort yesterday. Now they are lookin pretty in a basket near the sofa.
This is a pretty big basket with several pounds collected over the last few years. I have a couple projects in mind and plan to pull some favorites during TV time this weekend. They are grouped by length, the shorter ones will make nice summertime slippers. (Mine are looking rough, so hopefully I can get to them before they no longer stay on my feet!) The longer ones are sorted by color - I figure they are best used in some kind of strip pattern for a piano bench I would like to recover.

If you are looking for ideas to use your edges, follow the Selvage Along! Jess, from Quilty Habit posted a great selvage pillow tutorial this week!


  1. Hehe :D As long as you're not saying "salvage" - that one drives me nuts, although any time I hear it being mis-said, it's by someone or other that I adore (quilters are awesome), so I just let the grating stay in my head. It's actually not such an uncommon mistake.

  2. Thanks for linking up to the Selvage Along and for mentioning my pillow tute! Your selvages are all so beautifully organized!


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