Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Goal - A Lovely Year of Finishes!

I did not meet my June Goal, Donna's Stars, and although I said it would continue to be my monthly goal until finished, I am really struggling with how I will quilt it. Donna is the only family member who follows my blog, and I feel soo badly putting this off again, however July will be a very busy month. Sorry Donna, your month will be August!

For July I have selected another UFO, a baby quilt that should be a more achievable goal. I have a really busy month ahead, and even this goal will be tough..
I have an idea for a cute border for it.
I may try a new quilting pattern as a tester/potential for Donna's Stars..

Elephant March, My July Goal!

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  1. What a fun quilt....loving the elephants!

  2. Like the quilt. Good luck with getting time to finish it

  3. I love those elephants! And I really like the idea of using red & white for a baby quilt!

  4. Sometimes it is better to wait until the inspiration hits for quilting. nothing worse that forcing yourself to do it then not being happy with the end results.
    Good luck with the fun baby quilt.

  5. I love a red and white quilt! Good luck finishing it, and maybe inspiration strikes in the mean time how to quilt the other one...

  6. All the different visual textures in the red fabrics look so striking done up like that Heidi! Better not to rush when you want a quilt to be really special.... I like to wait until inspiration hits too.


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