Monday, July 6, 2015

2015 Finish Along - Q3 Goals!

In April I set goals and linked up a list of 11 projects I would love to finish.
Three of my finishes this quarter were from that list, and I was able to link them up with Adrienne for the Q2 Finishes Party!
1. Pattern tested this bit of Red, White & Blue Goodness: 
Happy Independence Day! Sweet Liberty Table Runner

2. Aurifil Mini.
My Twist on Tradition - pattern by Kimberly Jolly, Aurifil Designer of the Month

3. Mother's Day Bookcover for the large-print NY Times Cookbook.
Improvisationally pieced & Sewn in Love

The finishes that qualified as Q2 finishes were all smalls, mainly because I am not real good at predicting my finishes(!)
Try as I may to plan ahead, I like to work on what suits the mood at the time.

Many of my Quarter Three goals remain the same, and I have added a few more as well:

1.  Donna's Stars! Status: In queue. All negative space needs quilting. This is a priority for Q3!
2.  Cozy Afternoon Free Quilt Along, by Jacquelynne Steves
3.  Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along by From my Carolina Home
4.  Red & White Hourglass Baby Quilt. Status: Flimsy complete - on hanger.
5.  Sew Sweet Simplicity. Status: Flimsy complete - on hanger, still needs a back pieced.
6. I forgot what I was calling this Christmas Scrappy Geese quilt! It has been on a hanger since I took that photo (after) sunset photo back in December..
7.  Summer Gathering. Status: Flimsy is finished, on a hanger, needs backing!
8.  Leaders and Enders. Status: I may have enough blocks to create a setting. I suppose this and my next project are possible finishes, but really not likely!
9.  Daisy Chain Status: This flimsy has been on my mind lately. It is baby-size, but I have an idea for expansion and you never know, I may just pull it out and go for it!
10. Primary Circles Baby Quilt: I think of this one each month when I need to select one goal. Status: Four blocks!
11. Dr. Suess Improv Baby. Status: One little pile of fabric & this photo. Taken to remind me of whatever it was that was in my mind that day, month's ago, when I thought I ought to 'whip' this cutie up for my Etsy shop. Perhaps next time I pull them out, I will just do it!

Not pictured, but heavy on my mind to finish:

12. Bear Paw Wedding Quilt for Rhonda and Ernie - I have a stack of Hearty Good Wishes just waiting for this project.
13. My selfish-sewing Churn Dash UFO - 12 Blocks complete, need setting blocks and sashing.
14. Jaftex 85th Anniversary Challenge quilt! Currently in design-mode!
15. Aurifil BOM from 2014 - Blocks are various sizes and a setting needs to be designed.

This lengthy list is set to link up with all the cool folks sharing goals for Quarter Three!
 Visit Adrianne at On the Windy Side to join in the 2015 Finish Along GOAL Setting Party!
Thank you for inspiring us Adrianne!


  1. I'm aiming to join in this quarter. I have a long list aswell. Good luck with your list

  2. I'm aiming to join in this quarter. I have a long list aswell. Good luck with your list

  3. The flag quilt is outstanding!! I want to make one, too:) The color combination is my all time favorite.

  4. I hesitate to link up to any finish parties for the same reason as you... I'm not good at predicting my finishes (not to mention two little ones still at my feet) I have decided to actually enjoy the processes while I am in it, and if I get it done for a finish, great. If not, great. While it is important to set goals, I do not want the time limitation for it.

    Really nice finishes... really love the Donna Star WIP!

  5. What a nice grouping of projects! I love these finish link-ups, because I can use them in my own capacity - as a place to pull together a lot of my projects in one post so I can regroup my ideas of what I want to be working on. I don't feel any pressure at all about getting everything I list finished - it's just a gathering of what is on my mind to push forward. What gets finished will be fun to post about during the quarter and at the end, but what doesn't simply makes it easier to copy/paste for the next goal post. hehe :D I guess that's how we process-oriented folks with diverse likes operate?

  6. Well Heidi, those are a lot of wonderful projects and you will be one happy camper if you can get them all completed - I wish you Happy Quilting! May your bobbin always be full!


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