Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Travelling to The Pacific Northwest with my EPP

My quick trip home was loaded with hugs, many of those from family I had not seen in a decade! Holidays were often spent with cousins growing up, but as adults we have spread out & lead busy lives in different states and countries. Visiting Seattle was in honor of my Uncle Tom's passing, but it was every bit the reunion I had anticipated. Tom was a family man and this is what he'd want as a celebration of his life.

I did not take pictures as I should have along the way (I really need to work on that(!).

I used to be such a photography geek, forever carrying my 135mm with all it's lenses, film and such. Now that my camera can fit in a pocket, taking photos seems a chore. hmph, go figure..

I managed a cell-shot of the huge Clematis in my sister's yard.
Flowers, berries, and green trees make me homesick. When I stepped off the plane in Bellingham, I held back tears as the smell of cedar immediately came to me. BTW, Bellingham is such an awesome little airport!

While travelling, I worked on Flower Block #24 for my oldest WIP, Grandmother's Flower Garden. I think this will be my last one - time to decide between appliqueing these all on whole cloth, or making hexies to connect them all. These have been a wonderful travel project, many have notes on the back with the date and place/event I was attending recorded. Somehow I would like to record the notes on the finished quilt, probably a big label on the back..  Previous posts are HERE if you would like to see some of the other blocks!

Congratulations to KathleenD, who participated in Cozy Afternoon Blog Hop for Block #3, Kathleen won the drawing last week for the pattern bundle by Jacquelynne Steve's!

And now I am back in the saddle with my foot on the pedal!

*Home Sweet Home*


  1. Hexies look great....congrats to KathleenD

  2. I miss Oregon every day. You are so right about the smells in the air. I'm glad you had fun, even if it was a sad reason that took you back home.

  3. Gorgeous photo, and I'm glad you got to see so much family on your trip. I really love the idea of the quilt having all your notes on it! That would be so fun to read in the future.


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