Friday, July 31, 2015

Tickled by my Elmo Purse!

Two year olds are tickled by Elmo, and my Grand Niece is no exception!
I was excited to learn I would be able to attend Madeleine's 2nd Birthday party while in Seattle. Without much time to get ready, I purchased an Elmo purse pattern for $3.50, found as a download at HeartFeltPatterns on Etsy. Very cute, and the purse was a hit!
I used fleece for the body and cotton for the lining.
Followed the pattern pretty closely, but couldn't resist quilting his nose:)
Rather than purchasing a magnetic closure, I used magnets from an old shower curtain and sewed them in.
Just a quick Friday Finish share, I am looking forward to a productive weekend!

BTW, the gray cutting mat is a new purchase - 50% off at JoAnn's. My last Olfa mat only lasted two years before tiny green flecks began showing up, on fabric, on my hands, even on my face. Granted, I do a lot of cutting for my Etsy shop, and quilting of course, but I was fairly disgusted with the price of the Olfa nowadays. They have more than double in price in what seems like a short period of time. My new mat is awesome - the markings are easier to line up with since they are outside the perimeter, it is a full 36" (some are only 35), and best of all, it is printed on both sides and should therefore last twice as long! I will have to get back with y'all to verify that though, a couple years from now ;-)


  1. That is SO cute! What an adorable thing to make for your grandniece! Love the quilting on the nose, and the repurposed magnetic closure is very clever.

  2. Very cute purse. I'm sure she will love it. One thing most folks don't know about the Olfa mats is they like a bath every once and a while. Over time they will definitely dry out. I'm sure Olfa would be horrified to find out it only lasted 2 years. You might contact them if you kept the mat. I agree the price is getting way out of reach for these matts. Of course my last Olfa mat lasted for way longer than what yours did -- I'm thinking 10 years or so? But, I wasn't sewing for a business either.

    1. So true, and I should mention that I live in a very dry, desert climate! Still, I have had several full size Olfa mats over the years. I did not cut as frequently with my first one - it lasted ten years in a humid climate, and I did not know then to clean it. I also change my blades Much more frequently than I did in those days. I think dull blades are the biggest culprits - evidenced by the grooves cut in my (10yo) rotating mat!

  3. How cute! Makes me wish I had a little girl in the family, to make this for.

  4. Aww, very sweet. My daughter is in love with Elmo - she would love this!

    I have never had problems with Olfa cutting mats. I have felt my stomach get a bit queasy at the price, and I also will only buy them with 50% off coupons (or sales). But I tried using a cheaper one, I think it was a Fiskars, and it just didn't hold up at all.

  5. What a sweet little purse. Elmo turned out really cute and I'm sure that your niece will carry it everywhere she goes.

    I remember the quest many years ago when our then four year old asked for a Tickle Me Elmo from Santa. I searched all over for one and finally, at a hardware store of all places, got the last one on the shelf. As I was walking to the register with it, another parent also in search of the elusive Tickle Me Elmo looked so chest fallen with I told him that the one in my arms was the last one.

    Oh and I love that you used a shower curtain magnet for the closure!

  6. Oh your grand niece is going to LOVE THIS!!! My grandson is going to be two and I'm going to make him an Elmo quilt!!

  7. THat is adorable. I'm in a Muppets Swap and this might be a great extra. I'll have to investigate

  8. What a cute purse for your little niece.. Bet she loved it.

  9. What a cute purse for your little niece.. Bet she loved it.

  10. That's just adorable - I have her penguin bag pattern already, but I need this one as well - who could resist an Elmo bag? Not me, lol!


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