Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Just My Type Winner & Tuesday Archives

Kim is the lucky winner of the Just My Type charm pack drawing! I do love a little giveaway now and then - it is such a great way to share fabric with fellow quilter's!
Lately, I have been adding favorite fabric bits to a pile that will (someday soon!) be my next giveaway. Some vintage, some modern, some oop.. it is growing into quite a mixture - approx. 40 pieces so far.
My goal is 50+ pieces and over one pound. Ten more or so to go!

Today's theme over at Val's Tuesday Archives is Panels. I am linking a two-year old post with the only quilt that I recall having made with a panel. It did make for a quick quilt! The photo was taken in a window and you can see the back print through. I am not the best with photography, but it is good to know I have improved a bit since I began blogging!
Click to see original VROOM! VROOM! post!
Thank you for reading today! No quilting for me for a couple days while I concentrate on taxes, and preparing the house for the incoming snowbirds. *GRIN*

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  1. The borders and checky binding really made this panel into an adorable quilt Heidi! I eye spy some really fun prints in that growing give-away....I'll be watching for it! (smiles!) I remember having snowbird visits too....relatives always would come in the Spring to enjoy the weather and get away from winter!


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