Sunday, April 12, 2015

Flimsy Finish! Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM

I added 12 alternate blocks + 10 setting triangle blocks.
Houston, We have a flimsy!
What a fun Block of the Month! When it began last fall, I found the denim color, hand-dyed yardage loitering deep within my stash. For five years it had served great purpose, providing stability to the many blue fabrics stacked upon it while waiting to someday be over-dyed.
Hmm, If I'm to break my strict No New Starts rule with Jacquelynne's tempting QAL, I reasoned, I can clear some stash and rid of another 'maybe I will use this someday' skeleton projects and fulfill my need to save the fabrics of the world!

I kept the corners dark in each monthly block for some unity, even though I did not really know where I was going with it at the time.
Jacqueline's instructions are thorough and I like the six month Quilt Along. Her blocks had plenty of patchwork and I loved placing the colors each month, then sharing with others on her Pinterest Board. My favorite part of a BOM is looking at the beautiful variety from the same pattern!

By the time my blocks were completed, I knew I wanted them on point and somehow connected visually. The alternate blocks were worked out on EQ6 so that I could play with layout and color options.

Sew Sweet Simplicity Free BOM with Jacquelynne Steves!

Flimsy, approx. 50" x 70"

I have never completed a quilt with cut-off corners, but I am leaning toward leaving them. The final decision's been postponed until the backing is complete. (And starching as well since this will be queued up for some time ahead - sorry the fabric is a bit wrinkly!)

As I was piecing the blocks together, the final rows that is, I thought how this pattern would look great on a twin bed, and how fun to add a pillow top section to this. Perhaps more diamonds...

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  1. I hope you will enter this in my contest- it's really beautiful! Details here

  2. I like, I like and will look forward to seeing the finish.

  3. Gorgeous!! Thanks for linking up to Building Blocks Tuesday.

  4. Really love the denim-y colour palette you've used.

  5. Wow what a cool block! Love the secondary pattern it creates.

  6. Hey, I really like the setting you developed for this one! Very unique. :D


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