Sunday, March 22, 2015

Charming my KitchenAid with a Cozy

Project Quilting 2015 wraps up this week with Challenge # Six:

This cute little button arrived with the package I won in Challenge Five, a cute charm pack kit from Village Creek!
My Charm Square finish is a quilted cozy for my KitchenAid mixer. It stands 17" high x 15" deep and 11" wide. Here is the side view.
Can you see the little Tupperware bowls?
The 'front' view:
(Yes, my kitchen counters are pink)

After looking a bit online, I determined to just make a big rectangular quilt, then worry about shaping it later. I measured my mixer, then pieced two panels approx. 19.5" x 21". These were joined to make one rectangle, 21" x 38" before making the sandwich.
For the patchwork, I began by breaking into a short stack pack (25pcs) of Just My Type, then I snagged a lot of Road 15 from another stash-pack, as well as some additional faves here and there. Initially, I pieced wonky rows that came out 4" to 4.5" wide. I ended up cutting those in half lengthwise though - scrappier is just better...
My project is intended for my own kitchen and I was drawn to some vintage ticking. I cut 5" squares, thinking this fabric would alternate between the scrappiness, however they didn't fit the image and I ended up piecing the stripes, wrong side out, near the bottom of each row to help separate my pieced 'border'. Bit odd, but I love it!
Here are those cute Tupperwares on the other side. This fabric was from Mary Engelbreit..
I kept the quilting fairly wonky too.
Final construction was much easier than anticipated. Online, the cozies I found had front panels, piping and all other frivolities. As it turned out, I like the looks of the simpler approach and just finished it like the bottom of a shopping bag. Since I had not planned for this method, I feared my panel may not be large enough so I blocked / preshrank it before making final assembly. Once dry, it measured 19.5 x 36". Whew, barely big enough! Only 15 minutes to sew the ends together, box the corners and zigzag those inside seams. Fits like a glove and no need to line it since I used this pretty fabric from my stash ;-)

Had I made the panel a bit bigger, I would have probably rolled a fat hem at the bottom, but the length came out perfectly so I added a machine-binding.

Project Quilting Challenge is a hoot, and I look forward to participating again next year! I want to shout out, "Thank You" to Kim Lapacek, and her helpers, for hosting! Voting for this last challenge starts today at her site, Persimmon Dreams.

For my quilty-blogger-friends, and fellow 'competitors' (haha), thank you for reading! It has been awhile since I last shared, so I have a GIVEAWAY today! A charm pack of 25, 5" squares from the 'What's my Type" line. To enter, please comment this week, by March 29th at midnight, PST. If a topic helps, let me know what you made the last time you used your mixer, or whether you had to wash the mixer before you used it! I love to use mine for kneading pizza dough, and for cinnamon rolls - YUM!



  1. This is fabulous! We use our mixer TONS in the fall. It's how we make our apple cider donuts. Since it's in the commercial kitchen it stays pretty clean always :) This is adorable and I'm happy you like your pin! Thanks for joining in on the pq fun!

  2. Cute cozy!!! I love the fabric choices! I once made a cozy for my George Foreman grill and I love having something cute and quilting sitting on my kitchen counter instead of the useful, but kind of ugly grill. I hope you enjoy having yours too!!

  3. I love your cozy! Those fabrics are so much fun! My poor mixer has been ignored for so long that it lost it's place on the counter entirely. I just might have to make a cozy too, though, for mr. toaster. I am mind dot less at comcast dot net

  4. Love the vintage ticking on the bottom. I've made a cozy for my sister's mixer but need one for my own since I do need to rinse it out anytime we use it.

  5. My KitchenAid has been put aside while we renovate our kitchen. When all the construction is done this will be a perfect cover. Thanks for the idea

  6. Great idea! Never thought to even cover my mixer, I use it so much. Cookies are a favorite--we usually double the batches.

  7. My mother always had a cover for her mixer and toaster too. Mine just get shoved onto the bottom shelf of the kitchen cabinets. I don't use the mixer much, but I did pull it out last week to make a banana cake for our church Fish Fry Festival!

  8. What a cute cover! I could not for the life of me find the tupperware when you first mentioned it. In a later picture I was like, "Oh! It's in the fabric! How cool is that?!" My mixer hasn't been used since we moved here... two years ago. (Oops.) We mostly used it for baking at our last place: brownies, cookies, bread. Yummy. :)

  9. I really like this cover.! The last time I used my mixer was to mash potato's for our New Years Day dinner of sauerkraut and pork. I did not have to wash it because I'd made potato's just the month before. Now if I can just locate it when our pod is unpacked after we make the big move. I hate moving, packing away my stuff, and living without my favorites for any amount of time. Please contact me at Google says my password isn't good. Thanks for this chance to win some neat fabric.
    SueAnn Wirick

  10. Great cover up!!! I really need to make one for my sewing machine.... Promise ;-)

  11. Great project! Do you think it will fit my Cuisinart food processor also? Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.
    akronne17 (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. I have a Kitchen Aid but I tend to use my hand mixer for most things. I think my daughter was the last one to use it while making frosting for a cake.

  13. Ahhh I would love to win those charm squares! Texty and "type" subject fabrics are among my faves :*) And speaking of faves - your mixer cover is amazing!!! Love that ticking fabric and the simple, elegant style. My mixer sits under the cabinet so I would probably never make a cover for it, but I'm thinking my toaster could use one! My poor mixer never gets used. I'm not much of a cook, and the mixer I have is a cheap one given to me as a gift quite a few years ago, so it doesn't work very well. I usually end up mixing by hand or using a simple hand-held electric mixer for the jobs that need more power than I can whip up by hand :*)

  14. I made pineapple stuffing and, YES, I had to wash it! Bad me! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I used my mixer so much that it stripped the gear. I really need to replace it before the holidays come.

  16. I'm not sure when I last used mine, and yes it would certainly need washing first! You've got me thinking!

  17. We bake for farmers market, so it gets used weekly. Most times it is already washed. Most times... :/


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