Sunday, March 29, 2015

Did I mention my Giveaway ends today?

Leave a comment on my recent KitchAid Cozy post, before midnight tonight, and you will be included in the drawing to win a 5" charm pack of Just My Type!

This weekend, I have been working on the Aurifil Monthly Mini by Designer of the Month, Kimberly Jolly. I cut into my wool batting so I could sample it, but I still haven't decided how I will quilt it.

And it will have to wait while the machine is tied up with another quilty finish..
Quick collage for end-of-the-month reflection today, before I consider what my priority projects will be for April.
March brought small, fun finishes.
Only one UFO finish though.
And one WIP: Sew Sweetness is progressing with setting blocks now..
The other four are NewFO's, evidence that I am still too easily distracted..


  1. It feels great to get some finishes out of the way... It's too easy to start something new all the time too! Lol

  2. Fun color projects! Love those blue/black churndashes!!!!

  3. Love those churn dashes! Looks like you've been a busy bee this month =)

  4. Love the colors you chose for your Aurifil mini. My instructions are waiting for me. I sew need to work on it. Yours is beautiful!

  5. Looking fab, new starts are always good!!!


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