Friday, January 27, 2017

OMG: January Finish!

My husband and I have lived without a dining room set for most of our marriage. For a couple year's before we moved to the SW, we did have a beautiful game set but we chose to leave it behind with the snowblower. We've usually used our dining spaces as a lounge-type area, but currently it is an online shipping and storage area. Sometimes I really miss a dining room; when guests are here, holidays, and especially when I see Carole's lovely table-scapes. Last year, I sold my special china of 30+ years. Shipping them all off was a sad day really, but they had only been out of their boxes a few of those years and used a couple dozen (memorable!) times.

Point is, I am without many options for a photo-shoot to share this set of quilted placemats and table runner.
I wasn't sure of the dimensions needed and made the runner rather skinny to be sure it would all fit on the table...
It is about 7" wide and 40something long.
Bound, wrapped and shipped! These were a belated-Christmas gift! I know they look Christmas-ish, but these are colors that really go well in the recipient's home and I am really hoping that they can be used year-round.
The placemats were made as two panels, quilted and then cut apart into six mats. I used a new-to-me brand of quilting thread.
My local LSC charges over $14 for Aurifil, and very limited in colors. I found a local embroidery shop that carries the Floriani brand. I am still an Aurifil snob, but this thread quilted really well, it is 40wt, all-cotton, and I had no problems with it at all.

Yippee, my January goal is complete and I am one-for-one! I am so happy to join the finishes-party at Elm Street Quilts!


  1. I certainly would use it all year round. It is a beautiful gift!

    1. Thank you Danette, it was well-received!

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  2. They will look lovely on any table at any time of the year.

  3. Oh that's a gorgeous set, Heidi - I would use it year round too!

  4. Very pretty table set, and I, too, think it could be used year-round!

  5. Love the table runner and placemats. Almost too pretty to use! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congratulations on your finish.

  6. I really really like that runner, the color combo is wonderful. I think I might have to whip up something like it!

  7. Beautiful runner, mats and napkins! Congrats on finishing up your OMG!

  8. They are beautiful! I love the colour combo.

  9. Congrats on the finish. They look great.

  10. The runner and place mats are stunning. These will work well all year round and still be perfect for Christmas, too.
    What a lovely gift!

  11. Beautiful table runner and place mats!

  12. Your runner and placemats are gorgeous. Love the colors/fabrics too! I bet the recipient loves them and will be using them a lot.

  13. Love them, and so will the lucky recipient! I like to use Auriful, too, but have found a fun thread locally for more than half the price, so when I can get it, I use it, first. Neither of my machines like the Essential Threads from Connecting Threads, but many quilters use it successfully. These days, we have to shop smart! XO

  14. Heidi...your blog has been quiet. WHat ya up too??

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