Friday, January 27, 2017

The New Year: A Simplified Approach

The internet is full of quilty-temptation that makes it sooo hard to focus on UFO's!
Try as I may,  **QAL resistance is often futile.
This year, however, I am on a strict diet. I aim to finish old projects and limit new ones. The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is my only 'exception' so far, it is a flexible challenge that allows me to create, guilt-free, and satisfies a bit of my sew-along craving.
Very soon, I will play with layout of the Kite Tails blocks I made for RSC2016.
I want need to hit my scraps a bit harder this year, yet avoid new projects. Tricky, but hopefully I can make a few smalls each month to tackle those bins, or perhaps I will just sew them all-together and 'make' fabric for each month, lol.
My 2017 RSC Blocks will be more Courthouse blocks. I only managed to finish eight last year, but I enjoyed making them and they're so cute!

This month, I have three new purple blocks to add to the collection:

Sooo, I have really limited my goals for 2017.
Here is what I would like to accomplish:

*Select one monthly goal as priority for each month. I am leaning toward setting the goal via Instagram, then sharing the finish each month here on the blog.

*Link regularly with RSC2017 and Oh Scrap.

*Cut my stash in half(!). I am considering IG as a platform for this!

*Finish, or otherwise "off" 50% of my UFO's.

*Avoid new projects, with few exceptions: Overdue family quilts(one wedding and two college), items made for profit or gifts, OR, any items I deem absolutely necessary, lol.

*Simplify. My 2017 word. my motto. my simple. ka-peesh.

Quilting is more fun than Housework

**If you are looking for one place that links to A LOT of current and/or upcoming Quilt Alongs/ BOM, check out this wonderful linkup, hosted by Myra at Busy Hands Quilts!


  1. You sound like me with your goals. I did no QALs last year and missed it, so this year I started out with two and now have a third with our quilt guild. But it gets me sewing and using up fabric. Your 50 percent reduction goal sounds formidable, but you can do it if you set your mind to it. Have fun with the lay out for your Kite Tail blocks!

  2. I love your Courthouse blocks! So cute with the little images in the center!

  3. That balance between starting and finishing can be tricky. Hopefully though, a finish year now can be followed by a starting party next time.

  4. Great goals, Heidi! I really like your your kite blocks, can't wait to see how you put them together.

  5. I totally understand your goal of SIMPLIFY, as last year my goal was BALANCE. I'm continuing this year with finding a balance between UFOs, commissions, and FUN quilting projects. Best of luck attaining your goal of a 50% reduction (seems extreme to me) in your UFOs and your stash!!

    Looking forward to seeing how you arrange your Kite Tails blocks AND seeing your growing stash of Courthouse blocks. Enjoy!!

  6. I'm loving both these projects!

  7. Sounds like some good goals for this year. Hears to success.

  8. Love those kite tails!!! Your goals sound achievable, good luck, I can't wait to see what you do throughout the year!

  9. It is hard to resist...there is so much out there.

  10. Love the fun centers of these log cabin blocks!

  11. That's an amazing quilt. It looks beautiful as well as having memories built in. I love the 6 minute technique with its pieced circle. Almost like magic!


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