Friday, January 6, 2017

About that I-Spy...

My blog has been very quiet, right? It's reflective of my holiday season really, the weeks seemed to whisper past. I'm starting the new year with a bit of catch-up, before I can truly embrace 2017 and a quilty goal or two...
I-Spy Cabbage was completed and shipped in time for Christmas, however I missed the OMG Linkup over at Elm Street Quilts! I am so excited that Patty has found a way for people like me to still feel like winner's, lol! This year, she is awarding an entry for goals that do not make the intended finish line.
I hopped onboard Val's I-Spy Charm Swap last year, then added additional 3.5" squares for a 45"x51" finish. The quilt was not planned; I began by making four-patches and came up with a layout from there. Four leftover four-patches are highlighted on the back.
I finished the quilting before I realized I had not put the label on. Just the way I roll lately. Even though I had made one, I ended up writing directly on the light gray area. Terri seemed to like the idea to add all her Grandchildren's names/bd as they come about. So now I need to send her a Pigma...
and what's a Pigma without a zip-pouch? wink wink ;)


TGIFF is at Quokka Quilts this week! 


  1. That is wonderful, I love it!!!!

  2. It came out great!!! So glad you joined us fir the swap.

    1. Revisiting as I'm thinking of making my quilt the same as you did....

  3. Great I-spy! I like how you did the back, too.

  4. I love seeing all the creative ways people are doing the backs of their quilts. This is a really fun quilt. Was it made for someone special?

  5. How fun - I participated in the swap and see some of my blocks! And interesting to note, I had not thought about the blocks until just two days ago when I was 'organizing' my sewing room and ran across them. Something else to put on my To Do List. I don't have a little someone to give an I Spy quilt to yet, but you just never know. Love yours!

  6. It is pretty! Congrats on your finish!

  7. It turned out beautiful! And I love how you used your extra blocks on the back. What a neat idea to add her grandkids' names to the back! I Spy an I spy pouch in her/your future :)

  8. Very fun I spy. Sometimes the sewing just doesn't keep up with the speed of the blogging world. Hope your new year has gotten off to a good start.

  9. It's a great finish and looks wonderful. I am also impressed with the backing. Love the way you used those blocks.

  10. Great finish. I love what you did on the back. Very creative.

  11. Such a fun quilt! The black background really highlights all those prints. Congrats on a gorgeous almost finish.



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