Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Full Circle: A Quilty365 Nearly Finished!

What a wonderful journey this! I remember making the very first dots and wondering if I would really be able to keep up with Audrey's Quilty365 Challenge for a full year...
well, yes, I have a (near)finish, and it was fun!
I found I could keep up well if I kept 20 rings (prepared) ahead, then each day I was able to select fabric for the centers. About once per week, I could sit at my machine and finish the circles in a jiffy.

Quilting the panels individually allowed me to plan a larger finish, and I was able to get right to work on the quilting.
To avoid an over-whelming UFO, I even assembled panels as I went.

I also chose the Label-As-You-Go method too.
Here we are nearing the half-way mark, I am definitely smitten.
All that is left is the trimming and binding. I may go with a wide binding but we'll see:)
I wonder if the big layout-error has leapt out at anyone yet? I definitely would have preferred the panels pieced correctly, but I can only shrug and remind myself this quilt is all about character, lol. It will definitely be well-loved come winter.
This was the plan, but somehow, between the floor and the machine, I inverted the panels in that last quarter-panel..
Start Date: November 30, 2015
Finish Date: TBA! I finished the last blocks in December 2016.
Completed size: 84" x 94"
Completed weight: 5.5 lbs.
Construction method: Quilt-As-You-Go
Number of Panels: 13
Block construction: 6 minute circles (technique demonstrated in my heart-shaped applique tutorial)
Number & size of blocks: 360 Blocks; finished at 4.5" each
Fabric: From my stash ;)
Backing: Heavy muslin from a bolt I have been hoarding!
Batting: Hobbs Cotton/Poly
Quilting: Utility-stitch (non-uniform, straight-line stitch with walking foot), with heavy quilting thread from Coats & Clark -- another great stash-buster!
Hand-quilting:  Big-Stitch with Perle Cotton #12
Label: I have written directly on the backside of each panel, bits about that month, the fabrics selected and some major events.
A large pillow made with center circles when I was about 3 months in:

More recently, blocks are emerging from my small HST's, sewn as leader's and ender's from the corners that were clipped after each circle sewn..
The center leftovers added a couple hundred or so 1.5" squares to add to my collection.

I keep an ever-growing stash of 1.5", 2", 2.5", 5" squares as well as a bunch of large triangles, and have been inspired recently to begin a medallion with all these "pre-cut scraps". It all began with the friendship stars, but now the center has developed from last month's Aurifil Designer block of the month, designed by Melissa Corry. I added the little pointy ends to her 12" block.
I am working on more Friendship Stars and just staggering around the low volume blocks for now. I'm considering some applique with this one, but we'll see where it all goes!

Thank you so much Audrey, for this wonderful project, I have really been looking forward to this finish-linkup! I'll be sharing with all the other's this week at Quilty Folk!

Everything comes Full Circle,
And every circle has no end,
Endings are where we all begin,
And beginnings where it all ends.
-Circle of Light, by Nivek


  1. I've missed you, Heidi! What a beautiful memory quilt.

  2. I love your circle quilt! It is amazing!!! Your friendship stars quilt is looking beautiful too!!

  3. It's gorgeous! So creative and fun looking and the layout mishap doesn't take anything away. Like you said, it just adds character! Love it! Many thanks for following along with us for this journey!

  4. To tell you the truth, I don't see any layout mishap even after you described it. I love your gorgeous finish and all the diary notes on the muslin back are precious memories for you and for the generations that will inherit your masterpiece. Well done!

  5. I love your circle quilt, especially your idea of writing on the back. Wish I'd thought of that. I also love the quilting that you've chosen--
    the combination of big stitch and machine quilting.

  6. Love your reverse appliqued circles - great idea. Also, doing it in sections is a super idea - the quilt is so large I'm sure it made the quilting less daunting. Thanks for sharing your quilt. I started late and just finished month 8; I'm very interested in how everyone finished their quilts.

  7. The circles finish is amazing! I love it hanging up on the wall.

  8. I love it since the start. So much beautiful work on it, congrats for your finish XXX

  9. Very impressive. It looks lovely on you!

  10. Oh, so gorgeous!! Great shots against the concrete wall.

  11.'s fabulous. I haven't started mine yet...doing it of quilt shops I have visited and will visit. Good thinking, huh? Requires visiting quilt shops. Yours turned out great, and I love what you did with the hand quilting.

  12. Outstanding! It's a large quilt, and all from your stash. What a project to relish in the coming years.

  13. What a wonderful project!
    Such happy colors. Congratulations! Gorgeous.

  14. It's a great accomplishment to stick with such a project for a whole year. Congrats! Enjoy the last sewing and then your finish :)

    P.S. Also love your leftover circle pillow.

  15. On my this was a fun post to see and read ! :) You have come so far :)

  16. Great work with all those circles. It has been a delight to watch it grow over the months. The layout looks fine - I am sure you planned it that way!

  17. Such a fun quilt! The black background really highlights all those prints. Congrats on a gorgeous almost finish.

  18. Wonderful finish! I love the overall layout and that you used different color backgrounds for your circles!

  19. That's an amazing quilt. It looks beautiful as well as having memories built in. I love the 6 minute technique with its pieced circle. Almost like magic!

  20. Oh wow, looks wonderful! So does the other projects!

  21. love your circles - love the layout really makes them stand out

  22. LOVE the spot you chose to photo your quilt! I thoroughly enjoyed this QAL and am SO glad I participated.

  23. Love those kite tails!!! Your goals sound achievable, good luck, I can't wait to see what you do throughout the year!


  24. Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog post.

  25. You made a beautiful design who I have seen your blog images I like it and I will share to with my all friends and thank you for sharing.


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