Friday, October 2, 2015

Fusion Illusion FQ Bundle Winner!

The Jaftex Anniversary Hop was pretty fun, right? Entries for the Grand Prizes surpassed 12K in number, so I am pretty excited to see who won all those prizes!

For my part, I was provided this large bundle of FQ's from Blank Quilting to offer here as a giveaway to one lucky reader.
Three weeks zipped by, and this morning we were finally able to draw the winner!
Drumroll, please...
Congratulations to entrant #25, randomly selected as the winner of the FQ bundle:

Having spent a lot of time in the desert (Indio, CA), I'd choose Alaska--and then be constantly worried about keeping everyone from freezing in the subzero temperatures. I mean, literally freezing. No exaggeration needed up there, right? Thanks for the giveaway. (Too right! School in Glennallen is not cancelled until temperatures reach -50F! Yikes!)
Beth, I will be emailing you shortly!
I truly enjoyed reading all the comments regarding the extreme weather differences I dealt with this fall! We have broken the heat record here in Nevada with the hottest-ever September average. Acclimating was actually hard when I returned from the 20degree mornings I left up North. I have always enjoyed warm weather (I'm a swimmer after all!), however there was a time when I would have thought I would prefer a cooler climate. I just don't think I could ever get used to those temps though, lol.


  1. Congratulations to Beth!
    And she's right about how freezing it is up there in Alaska. My brother was at the scene of a fire when the firemen lost control of the hose and he got hit full blast with the water. 40 degrees below zero and the water froze before it had a chance to penetrate his uniform. He just chipped it off.

  2. Lucky Beth. That is one fabulous give away.
    You can keep that cold weather right where it is. I moan about our heat, but I think I'd rather that than the Alaskan freeze. LOL

  3. Well done Beth. Congratulations.


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