Friday, October 16, 2015


Inspired by the Le Challenge October theme, "GOLD", lightbulbs went off as I was changing out my shower curtain this week!
It has fun casino chips, and this one caught my eye:

On a time-crunch, but I just met the deadline with this fun tote!

A quick online search located a produce bag tutorial HERE.
My bag is just a bit bigger, and I used binding to finish the edges and the top.
Next time, I will put the seams on the outside, but they do look cute in there!

Well, my chips are in!
The theme for next month's challenge is "METHOD"


  1. That's a great bag. I would never have thought of using a shower curtain for one. I suppose it makes sense if you want one that's waterproof xx

  2. That's a brilliant bag , I never would have thought of that

  3. What a fun way to use your shower curtain. I will have to look at them in a different light now. The bag is great.

  4. Brilliant!! What a useful and fun bag! Thanks for linking to le challenge :)

  5. Heidi, you're a genius! What a brilliant way to use a shower curtain!


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