Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lovely Finishes!

Is a finish still a finish when it is not my finish??
Of course it is!
I know y'all will want to see the pretties!
I've had zero time to sew this past week, and Friday seems like a great time to share Happy Mail!
Back in August, Lara of BuzznBumble surprised me with this oversized catch-all, customized with swimmers! She is a clever one for certain! That 'gift tag' with the cute label is fabric, covering heavy-weighted steel bars, and the catchall attaches with Velcro. It hangs securely from my sewing desk. The pincushion just rests on top, (portable!), allowing me to move it about in my sewing room.
Sew creative, right?
I would have liked to share a picture of this in use, however my sewing room is quite dark for photography. Please visit Lara - she posted some great photos and explained her process in making this HERE!

And here is another lovely surprise!
Kathy, of Running with Rocket, sent me a custom CD holder! Kathy was the winner of my recent giveaway, a handmade zippy pouch, and many of the fabric pieces she used were from the fabrics I bundled into the pouch! Check out the I Run with Scissors fabric, what a great touch! These CD holders are sold in her Etsy shop, Running with Needles!
Lots to look at!  All the little scrappy bits give me warm fuzzies & I love it so much that I have decided to hang it vertically near my cutting table. I have a few pens & notes in it, as well as a few other little oddities that made their way in to a slot.

Soo, I've been on a roll here - packages arrive and my husband looks at me with envy and asks, "What now?" He did a bit of clicking on eBay just to get a bit of happy mail for himself, haha!

I've won two fabric giveaways recently!
My, Oh My, What have we here?
This huge bundle of Alex Anderson's SPLASH, came from Sandy at Upstairs Hobby Room! The bundle arrived at my house while I was in Alaska in September. Ty was pretty funny waiting for me to come home, he said it was hard not to open the package and pet the fabric - definitely a quilter's husband, haha!

Sandy made a gorgeous quilt with this line in August, click HERE for the free tutorial!

Summer Breeze, 54" x 72"

I already posted a picture of the wonderful bundle of goodies sent from Mary of Quiltin' Grandma's Designs, including the black and white batik bundle. Bundles always look so pretty and I left it intact before my trip to Alaska. I finally opened it up last weekend (what was I waiting for??), and was quite surprised at just how beautiful this fabric really is! It has some fun, mod-style graphics, a sweet cat and mouse print, city buildings, and sunflowers.
I added the two on the left, the dragonflies and my souvenir Ravens from Alaska. Now I'm mulling over ideas to showcase these beauties. I'm sure I can find inspiration at the Friday Finish Linkups!
I am still on restriction!
I can NOT allow myself to play with them until I have completed a few quilts. Actually, my goal is six finishes before any newFO's, but the piecing withdrawals are coming on strong --

twitch twitch ;)


  1. Well done on winning the giveaways. They are fabulous fabrics. The swimming basket is glorious

  2. I love those little swimmers and aren't you lucky winning all that fabric.

  3. These are wonderful gifts from lovely and thoughtful people.
    And well done on your wins. Great fabric bundles.

  4. Wow, you have received lots of lovely fabric goodies in the mail. I really like the the black and white batik prints. Too fun. I wish you the best of luck getting 6 finishes completed before cutting into any of these lovelies. That is the hardest thing in the world to do around here, not start a new project. Hope you enjoy your batiks that should be arriving today. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF.

  5. Wow you've had some good karma coming back to you Heidi! Thank you for the sweet write up on the thread catcher. I love the fabrics and designs of Kathy's CD holder and Sandy's Summer Breeze quilt. Now I have the song Summer Breeze blowing through the jasmine in my mind. Lol

  6. Thanks for the shout-out!
    Wondered if the crows/ravens were from Alaska ;-).
    (My daughter ended up in Girdwood - outside Anchorage for the winter.)


Thank you for sharing your comments!

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