Monday, July 14, 2014

The Challenge is SMALL

Time to reveal my finish for the monthly Le Challenge!
The challenge theme for July is 'small', to be interpreted however we wish. At the last minute, I changed my plans and decided to whip up some Giving Bunnies.
They may have big hearts, but they are small after all!

You may have seen these 'Giving Bunnies' posted in Blogland. I learnt of them a couple weeks ago when Julie (627handworks) posted about her glove-box bunnies. Hundreds of bunnies have been made - they are part of a world-wide, collaborative project launched by Naimh, at Urban Threads. All the info you need is it at Urban Threads, including the pattern and an interactive map showing all the locations these bunnies have been placed! 
So cute, and the fun part is yet to come! I plan to place these around town in the next couple weeks. One is destined for a locker at the swimming pool I frequent, and one will accompany me on my weekly trip to the library...
Max, the pirate (idea ripped from Julie!) seems destined for The Vegas Strip. Fortunately we have family staying next week, so maybe we will head that way. Or perhaps the Pinball Museum...

I was surprised to see that none had been 'planted' in Southern Nevada. Once I have them strategically placed, I will enter them on the interactive map!

For those who may be wondering where the (3-bird) art quilt is that I said I was posting for this challenge, the reveal has been postponed! I am considering posting it as my entry for Sew-vivor. I think it meets the creativity aspect needed, however it is lacking the talent I hold most dear:  Patchwork! Now I am debating what project to share for the audition. Although I do love the birds, it is my first art quilt and I am not sure it represents me well in terms of the competition. Hmm..
Thank you so much for reading today! 
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Better yet, link up your own 'small' project :-)
Le Challenge


  1. Lovely, we've made loads too and. Planted them locally ( Sunday school helped colour in the labels abd plant them, while little old ladies at church had the job of stuffing and sewing closed! It's a great idea

  2. How cute are these! And such a great story about the interactive map! Thanks for participating in le challenge!

  3. I have never heard of these before but they are so cute!

  4. Adorable and what a brilliant project! Thanks for linking up to le challenge!

  5. I love this idea and maybe I'll get some time soon to make up a few to scatter around town too.


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