Friday, July 18, 2014


Baby Bubble Wrap!

 The big-stitching and binding is complete!
It is so nice to have achieved my July goal for ALYOF!   (linkup #24)
Time now to link up with the July Finishes Party at Sew BitterSweet Designs!
The pool seemed like a great place to shoot this one, and that is all the excuse I needed yesterday..
POCHO, Double-gauze cotton fabric Designed by Naomi Ito and Nani IRO
A few first's:
First time for a whole-cloth quilt (only 37" x 28" but it is a whole quilt!)
First time hand-quilting a complete quilt (ditto!) (Prevencia No. 8 thread)
First time using double-gauze. This fabric is so soft, and will be even softer each time it is washed.
First time wrapping binding from the front of fabric! Big-stitched binding keeps the 'organic' vibe...
Generally, I avoid marking quilting lines like the plague, but I used a blue water soluble here. I think it is Dritz. Twice I dabbed a wet cloth to remove the blue, but it still has some. I did not want to wash this as I think it is so nice to receive quilts when they really look crisp and new. I will try dabbing one more time...

Another aquatic shot..

And full-on...
Thank you for reading today! I am celebrating with other Friday-Finishes at:

TGIFF, hosted this week at Dizzy Quilts , and also with..

Can I get a Whoop Whoop?, at Confessions of a Fabric Addict - (Sarah has added a third quilt to her raffle, and it is simply stunning!)

Have a great weekend, I hope you get a swim in !!


  1. This quilt is lovely. Simple yet beautiful. Less is definitely more here.

  2. Wow, the quilting is stunning! Gorgeous finish. Thank you for sharing at TGIFF.

  3. I haven't done any hand quilting in years, but this quilt makes me want to run get out my quilting frames. It is just beautiful with those large it!

  4. I LOVE this little quilt! Organic feel definitely achieved! I still have not finished my handquilted runner that was a finish goal for ALYOF... and now I want to make one like this!! What thread did you use? I have a ton of perle cotton...

  5. Wow. It IS really gorgeous. Congrats on a fabulous finish.

  6. Beautiful quilting! Well done!

  7. Cute as anything, and I love the name! Try spritzing it with cold water.

  8. I LOVE this!! So sweet and simple. I've never done handquilting but this is so CUTE.

    Congrats on the finish. (And the rest that blue pen will fade out when the baby drool hits it)


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