Sunday, July 20, 2014

SEW-VIVOR Audition - Red Letter Quilts - Bring it On!

This is Do or Die.

We're talking 'All or Nothing'.

You heard it, I am AWL IN!


I am a Sew-vival Desperado!

My goal?  Round Four or BUST!

I have No Fear! I take No Prisoners!

My Creative Mojo is SET TO IMPRESS!

Audition time is NOW for Season3:SEW-VIVOR, hosted by Family Ever After. This year the quilt blogging community is ALL-A-BUZZ with the exciting news:
 Season 3 is The Quilter's Edition!  WOO-HOO!
Did I mention that I am willing to take a risk?
Already I am out on a limb! I am entering an Art Quilt of all things - my first one at that!
Now, I am a quilter through-and-through, and I love a challenge. SO, I decided to kick-start this party and get my motor revved!  From the get-go, I aim to go outside my comfort zone..
I began by tracing some old sketches from my journal, then enlarging them on the photo-copier.
Next, I grabbed some linen and made a sample-sandwich to try my hand at thread-painting. I found some YLI variegated thread in my 'leftover' stash. (yes, I have a 'scrap thread' department!)
With the corner of a ruler, I 'scored' just the main lines of the design, right through the paper, onto the linen. Then Mr. Juki and I got right down to stitching with a vengeance.
So much easier than I anticipated, I felt like shouting, "WHY have I never done this before?"
(Or, "Rach, Where have you been all my life?")
Truly motivated, I set to work cutting the various fabric pieces.
I pressed them on for raw-edge applique...
Stitch more.
Breathe easier.
Keep stitching...

This was a really exciting make!

Perle cotton No. 5 seemed appropriate for a simple border.
Regular DMC floss to add the eyes and the orange flowers.
To finish, I wrapped the linen to the back for a simple, hand-stitched 'binding'.
I wrapped the backing fabric (Amy Butler) to the front to finish the top.

Three MOD Birds, 20" x 12"

The tabs are simple tubes top-stitched to match the 'frame', and the striped-tiger-stick was found by my husband in our yard. (shh - it is from a big bush-weed!)

My work is complete and I can rest...  *sigh*
Hard though, since my brain is on anticipation-overdrive. I cannot help but consider some NAUTICAL possibilities for Round ONE! 
A note for my faithful followers, for whom I appreciate SEW MUCH:
If I am so fortunate as to be selected for this competition, I will need your help! I cannot count on me, myself, or I alone! I will need support! I hope to astound you with creative-awesomeness and thus, compel you to participate in the voting process at Family Ever After!
16 competitors will be selected by judges and their names announced on Mon., July 28th!


  1. what a cute little art quilt! i love those little birdies.
    best of luck to you in the auditions!

  2. Love your sketches and how you turned them into this incredible piece of art! Best of luck! Kate

  3. Terrific quilt! You are very talented, in a variety of quilt styles!! Best of luck in the draft!!

  4. My goodness! You are very artistic.

  5. Thank you Emily, Thank you Danette! These nice comments have really brought a smile! I make a point of replying to all comments - if you have not received a reply, please check that your address status is not a noreply-comment@blogger!

  6. If this is your first art quilt, I look forward to seeing the next!

  7. That little quilt is so stinkin' cute! I say, mission accomplished! :)


Thank you for sharing your comments!

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