Monday, July 7, 2014

Red, White, & Blue Weekend Blocks

'On the Plus Side' is the first of two blocks I finished this weekend. I have already linked it with the Aurifil Block of the Month Flickr group. Designed by Camille Roskelley, she posted her original block, a tutorial to make it, and plenty of great eye candy too. (including her new line Miss Kate :-)

I have been adding miscellaneous blocks to the Aurifil monthly ones, and this week I made a 'Converging Corners' block. Inspired by Jenn at A Quarter Inch From the Edge - she chose it as her Global Scap Bee block. Jenn's version is in the same colorway and seemed meant to be! Following her link, I found the tutorial, by Ashley at Film in the Fridge.  A new blog to me, I really enjoyed my visit, spent a lot of time there and signed up to follow right away! My version is not quite as scrappy, but I like it a lot. I added the little apple on a whim this morning..

On with Monday! Shopping is an absolute must today - the cupboards and fridge are about bare. I do tend to put this off just as long as possible! Thankfully, my husband is patient about it - I was very creative with meals this weekend!

Linking up with BOM's Away!, a Monday Block linkup with Lynn at What a Hoot :-)


  1. The first block is wonderful, but the second is absolutely adorable! Love the apple! The block has been on my "list" forever but I never find a chance to make any. I should just commit to a pillow or something.

  2. Super fun fabrics! And that apple! In love with both blocks.

  3. What is the white fabric with little turquoise flowers in it. I'm nuts about it!!!! Please let me know.

  4. These blocks are ADORABLE! I think it is your fabric choices that are really catching my eye. I just cannot stop looking at them. Thanks for sharing!

  5. The blocks look great! I like the aqua with the red and white a lot! cheers, CW


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