Friday, January 24, 2014

My BFF & I - Jewelry Roll Finishes!

Have you seen MIXED Bag by STUDIO M for Moda?
Mini-charms are such a great way to sample a new line! I picked this up on impulse when I noticed several prints in it that will go well with my 2.5" charm collections.
When I got them home for an even closer look, I found Mixed bag to be a really cheerful color-way that blends well with much of my stash.
I was inspired to use the blue and greens for a couple jewelry rolls I have been intending to make.
One is for myself! It is the one with the button closure because I forgot to sew the straps into the binding. All is well though, that button is from my grandmother's sewing box and I found pleasure attaching it!
For the 1st jewelry roll, I fussy cut a sewer-girl like myself from a very retro piece I've been hoarding. I added seven charms from the Mixed Bag mini-charm packet. I love the Comment print! :
The next one is for my BFF! I added six from prints from Mixed Bag to this one. And quite a bit of Amy Butler to help the modern prints mix well with the retro/vintage prints. Dragonflies for Terri as well, & some books & a heart:-)
Terri and I have been friends 25 years, since we were 13!
Lucky me, she befriended me on my first day as a new student in her school.
I've learned a lot about friendship (and relationships in general!) from Terri. She practices unconditional love, faith, forgiveness, compassion, empathy.
Terri doesn't sew, but I still like her a lot.
We make each other laugh and we make each other cry in all the ways good friends should:-)
For the most part, I followed the tutorial at Haberdashery Fun. Since I wanted to make quilted rolls, I did not use interfacing, and I kept square corners. I did not have the same length zippers, so I used short ones for mine, and longer ones for Terri's. I haven't used that plastic stuff much, and I did not want to sew it on the topside of the zippers, so I topstitched along the outside edge of the zipper to attach the plastic, then I flipped it over and stitched along the edge of the plastic to stabilize it...

I rushed to finish these in time to link up with TGIFF, held at Quilty Habit this week, and with Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Of course, I had to pick up a couple more mini-charms of Mixed Bag next time I was out!
One is a replacement, with it's original intent, and one to share with a lucky reader!

A name will be drawn for this sneaky little giveaway January 31st, 2014 at 5PM PST.

A fun token gift in appreciation of the great opportunity we have to connect as quilter's, online, to celebrate finishes, and to SHARE!
And simply because I enjoy giving and receiving fabric,
Please leave a comment to enter, if you like you can answer me this:

Does your best friend sew?


  1. Your project is lovely. Thank you for sharing. My best friend is a nurse and I tried to teach her to sew but she just never picked it up

  2. My best friend sews when the mood strikes her, which hasn't happened often the last couple of years. Of course, she does have 3 boys 1-7 so maybe that has something to do with it! Your jewelry rolls are lovely. How wonderful to use a pretty button with family history.

  3. The fabric is lovely. Thanks for the chance to win the mini charm pack. My best friend has never sewed and isn't interested in any crafts at all. We met at work when we were 17 and we both turn 50 this year. Every year for her birthday I make her something. This year she is getting a memory quilt.

  4. I have three BFFs! One just admires and requests quilty birthday gifts, the other asked me to help her sew a present for her daughter and the other... Well I have turned her into a quilter! LOL!
    I love my friends.
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  5. I have 4 Bffs and they all sew once in a while, but none of them are addicts. It's funny I was just thinking, well my one friend has 6 kids, the other 5 and the last two none (but quite a few pets) so they don't have a lot of time to sew. Ha! It's fun to share with all of them though. I love that.

  6. No my best friend does not sew...wont even do a button she says that is what her BF is for lol

  7. My BFF doesn't sew either but she is very creative and has great taste. Speaking of taste I love your Mixed Bag mini charms, the colours are fantastic!

  8. How brilliant! Those are really sweet! My best friend doesn't sew but that gives me an excuse to make things for her :-)

  9. These are adorable! Your BFF is lucky to have you :) My BFF is not a sewer, but I'm working on it, haha.

  10. Great gift idea. My best friend does sew, buy I'm married to him so he lets me be the sewist in the family.
    My other best friends are quilting bloggers.
    Thanks for the chance at more fabric goodness.

  11. Nice little case! Almost all of my friends sew.

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My best friend can do anything but sew. My other best friend is a sewing and quilting gal.
    Happy blogging!

  13. You get a quadruple whoop whoop from me. Love the jewelery rolls too. My life long friend was an amazing seamstress...from fine fabrics to furs...but never a quilter.

  14. You get a quadruple whoop whoop from me. Love the jewelery rolls too. My life long friend was an amazing seamstress...from fine fabrics to furs...but never a quilter.


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