Thursday, January 2, 2014

Custom Quilted Crafting Tote for Donna!

My Mother-in-Law is celebrating a Birthday today!
Ty & I get to see her several times during the winter months each year while they do their snowbird thing, and last week I was able to hide a birthday gift when we were visiting her on Christmas. Look in your guest closet Mom!!
We are very lucky that Ty's Mom is sooo talented! She enjoys knitting socks, and we have received a few of her yummy creations to keep our toesies warm:-)
Last spring I was working on quilted project books when Mom traveled through Vegas on their way north. Although she adored them, her knitting needles would not fit(!) & I decided to make a large-scale project book for her. Six months went by before our next visit and I had only roughly planned the tote, and meanwhile she had begun making amazing beadwork! Look what she gifted me in November:

I knew I had to add more nooks and crannies to her tote, to accommodate 'other' supplies she may need to pack.
The finished tote is a large tri-fold with a warm desert vibe about it:

It measures about 22" x 14" when it is all the way open.

Outside Layout

Inside Layout

Happy Birthday Mom - You are the best and we love you!!

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  1. I Love, Love, Love my multi-craft tote made by Heidi. I can make it work to house my knitting tools or my beading tools plus project. Not only is it a beautiful thing to look at it is so functional for my passions, knitting & beading.
    thank you my darlin girl.

  2. Just awesome and she will think of you every time she touches it.

  3. What an awesome crafting tote! You did a beautiful job on it!

  4. super cute! I love the quilting on it. what a special gift!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

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