Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Quiet Play
Sew Kitschy BOM starts today over at Quiet Play!

This quilt is irresistible & I am too excited to start a new BOM for 2014!

I am still debating my fabric scheme. I first thought of the green & orange stack I have on a shelf for no particular reason other than eye candy (violet would be fun to splash into this) ..

Hmm, retro brights would be fun for this quilt too...
I began thinking of the blocks in a way reminiscent of my own childhood when I found a couple of 70's style prints in my stash.
I had trouble capturing the actual color of those, hence the flash. Here they are with some Road15 and Reunion ..
The bundle currently looks like this, with the 'standby' stack on the right. These colors take me right into childhood kitchens:-)
I better decide quickly though, I am off right now to print the first pattern!

I am linking up today with Barbara of Cat Patches, for the final NewFO Party for 2013! I have added some new strips to last month's NewFO,
I first introduced this last month and progress has been slow. I was feeling a bit hesitant about the color palette for my mother, and sure enough, she replied that it is a bit busy for her.  Although I do have a few more triangles done, I am really uncertain where I am going with this now. I will continue playing with options, but I still like the large wonky squares. Oh, and not to offend my mother, but this quilt has been renamed: Not My Mama's Quilt.

Would you like me to make a custom crafted gift for you? Do you love the Pay it Forward concept? There are still openings!! Please see my Craft it Forward 2014 post to sign up!


  1. I'm going to have to go check out that project. Those are some gorgeous fabrics, and I love your addition to your previous NewFO.

  2. Those are all great fabrics for a Sew Kitschy quilt!


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