Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Gathering: Finished in Green!

Finally, I have pictures to share of Summer Gathering!
It was an overcast, and muggy day.
I love love love the green binding!
Whew, the decision was tough. Thank you to those who weighed in on that :)
Honestly, the color is a bit more yellow and brighter than the sage looking tone in the photos! I like the utility-looking character it adds, and as a frame, it did not distract from the big bloom.
How she came to be:
I came home from a local fabric swap in Fall 2014 with an old kit made up of 100's of pre-cut squares and HST's. There was no pattern included, but I figured I could just start sewing and come up with something. The price was right, basically thrown in with another purchase, and I get a real thrill using fabrics others may not. I pieced the HST's over a two or three month period, mostly as leaders and enders, and had still not considered layout when those were completed. I began to play with basket forms first, then Bear Paws, then expanded the Paws all around as you see in the end result. Unusual for me, I named the quilt almost immediately upon finishing the layout.
Gathering fabric:
I first posted about Summer Gathering in May 2015, and pictured on my design wall during construction. I wanted the quilt to be over 60", and I was running out of the background variety of neutrals. I also wanted to add that last border around the perimeter, another 124 squares. The post was a call-out to help "save the fabrics", and I received wonderful response. Several quilter's shared exactly what I needed, from their stash! In this respect, Summer Gathering was put into action, quite literally, and quilty friendships ensued as well!
 Thinking of Kristen :)
Her future home:
I have such a hard time sometimes, matching quilts to recipients! Throughout the process, I thought frequently of my niece, Kristen. I am fairly certain this is not what she would actually choose for color/style. Something modern and bright would have been fun to gift her, however she is a traditional woman at heart and I could never shake the feeling that this is her quilt. It is a modern and bright quilt after all, made with traditional technique and vintage style! I hope she enjoys it!
Backside Stash-buster
Kind of Swoon-like
Quilt Stats:
Finished Size: 63" Square
Pattern: Original Design. This is my second finish in this pattern, however it is the first one that I started! I photographed Winter in Bloom in the same location, on a sunny day!
Fabric: Unknown origin: vintage calico's
Backing Fabric: vintage from stash, used wrong-side-out.
Binding Fabric: Moda Marbles from stash
Batting: Warm & Natural
Quilting Thread: Aurifil 2021, 50wt
Free-Motion Quilted on my Juki TL 98E
Pieced and Bound on Old Bernie, a 1020

I'll be linking this finish with a few of my favorite Finish Parties!
Kelly's linkup has been postponed while her home recovers from lightening(!)

  Sarah is dancing a Christmas jig at Confessions of a Fabric Addict!

TGIFF is hosted today at Celtic Thistle!

This quilt was my June goal for OMG, and today is the last day to link up our finishes!

Thank you so much for reading today! 

OMG: Goal-setting for July begins tomorrow!


  1. How could Kristen NOT enjoy it??? It is beautiful!

  2. I do love the green binding. It adds the perfect frame around the quilt. Sometimes a quilt just knows where it wants to go, even if you aren't sure. I'm sure Kristen will love it.

  3. Congrats on this gorgeous finished. I love it. I might have to copy this layout one day. Sometimes the best plan is to just "wing it" as we fly. Lucky Kristen. ;^)

  4. A beautiful finish and lovely photos!

  5. It is a lovely finish with a very interesting story behind it.
    It will be a beautiful gift.

  6. Great post! Great story! Beautiful colors!

  7. Beautiful quilt with wonderful colors. I agree, the green binding is perfect.

  8. It's a fantastical finish... congrats!

  9. The binding in green makes a great frame! I think this quilt is gorgeous and niece is going to love it!

  10. Such a feminine quilt and yep, I immediately thought it's kind of a Swoon! Beautiful work and nice to have a quilt with leaders and enders; my own is a Scrap Vortex in progress.

  11. Such a beautiful quilt, congratulations on a wonderful finish

  12. The green binding is a great finish to a fun quilt!

  13. That is so softly beautiful. I think I might like it better than Winter in Bloom, but it's a hard choice! I love it enough to try to figure out how you made it.

  14. Congrats on a gorgeous finish!

  15. She's going to absolutely love it....forever! It's beautiful!

  16. Kristen is sure to love it - Summer gatherings is a beautiful blend of modern and traditional. I love that you "saved the fabrics" with this quilt Heidi. It's fun to think that this is how we met too!

  17. Pretty! Neat pics as well! Well done!

  18. Oh I love the colours of this quilt. So soothing.


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