Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wanta Fanta, A Quilted Pillow

My sister is celebrating her birthday today!

Can you tell that she is amazing? 
Yep, she is tough, and strong, and brave. Cute, and super-smart too!
She's always been practical with money, and began saving energy at a very young age too...
Because if you really want a horse, you better keep your home cool and save those pennies lol

Growing up, I envied Julie her summertime birthdate, myself usually having to go to school.
Today though, she is demonstrating her dedication at work.
Nothing like a Hump Day Birthday.
Such a trooper.

Since I have not shipped the pillow sham I made for her, I told Julie she can preview her gift here!
I love how it turned out and sure hope she does too!

This make is a save, actually. A failed block saved from the Orphanage. Called Wanta Fanta Block, it was chosen as the June lotto block for Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild. A free tutorial and PDF for the paper-piecing can be found HERE, at Blossom Heart Quilts. I failed to read the instructions though, and my block turned out completely off. I think I sewed on the center line instead of 1/4" away when I added the corners to the snowball blocks. Or vice-versa?

Once I realized the error, I knew I did not want to paper-piece another. I spent a fair amount of time selecting the fabrics from my scrap bin, and my flame was left with only a flicker. Instead, I sewed the blocks together, matching seams as well as I could, and ended up with a block much too small, and wompous, to contribute to lotto. Yes, that center seam is 1/2" off!

I whipped up a border,
Added the leftover triangles and a zipper for the backing,
Had some fun with the quilting, and finally,
machine-bound the edges for a scrappy finish!

Happy Birthday Dear Sister! I miss miss u.
Once I have shared this with Guild, I will pop this in the mail for you!  I hope it brings you cheer and comfort, and reminds you how very much you are admired and loved:)
umm, sorry bout this, but you will need a 16" pillow form!


  1. That's funny ( about needing a pillow form). Too bad shipping the pillow form is so expensive. Pillows make awesome gifts. Love your save.

  2. Brilliant save! The pillow is so bright and fun. Happy birthday to your sister!

  3. Lovely way to use the block. It is a great pillow.

  4. How fabulous that you were able to turn this block into a pillow! It looks wonderful - lucky sister!

  5. Ditto...very clever Heid! And happy bday to your sis:)


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