Saturday, June 28, 2014

Flight Plan Re-Routed; A Star is Born

I was inspired a few month's back by a quilt that was designed by Kimberly Einmo, called Flight Plan. I found the pattern in American Patchwork & Quilting (December 2013).
The layout is pretty cool, and I planned to use the quilting pattern as well. A quick finish I figured, since the decisions were all made.
I think it was March when I set to work cutting strips from my batik stash...
With my 'Jelly Roll' done, I just needed to pick up the background fabric and I was finally set to create a quilt for my amazing Mother-in-Law, Donna!

Solid White was a pretty quick decision (for once), and I dove right in. The blocks were created,
And lookin' so fine hangin' on the Design Wall...
But there the blocks lingered, 
taking up space,
for far too long..
Why do I have to read the whole menu before ordering?
Really. I had a plan.
It was already In-flight.
But I just had to play..
hmm, how would it look ...
This way,
(Or that..)
This phase I have coined D.W.I.
(perhaps Michele would like to add this to her ongoing list of acronyms)
The Flight was officially delayed.
Yep, stalled by 'Design Wall Indecision' (Not at all uncommon around here),
April flew by, and May rolled in..
Finally Donna stopped over for a visit
(A Snowbird headin' Northbound!)
And I gave her the gavel!
It was a pretty long hanglayover, and it is her quilt after all! 
Flight Plan was officially re-routed, and a new destination planned.
Determined to clear my design wall, I set My June AYOLF goal to complete Donna's quilt sandwich.
 And a Star was Born!
Basting was completed early this morning. (check check!)
My design wall has new space :-)

Projects tend to get stuck on that darn wall, beckoning me to make decisions. It seems I am even more indecisive when it comes to choosing quilting patterns. Now I am debating between swirls and on-point echoing for the background. Actually I really don't know yet about the stars either. Oh, the decisions..
Just for you Donna, here's a teaser-peek of the back..
Yep, your favorite;-)
Linking up with Fiber of all Sorts to celebrate with other quilter's who've managed to complete their  AYOLF goals this month!


  1. I don't have a space in my sewing room for a permanent design wall and I have a portable one that has to be assembled.It drives me crazy but maybe there are advantages! As it gets put up in the living room it can't stay there for long so I do have to make my decisions,take a photo and then take the wall down. I think it would take me ages to decide otherwise! Your quilt is going to be gorgeous and Donna will love it!

  2. I have a design bed ! My bed! So decisions have to be quick or the whole lot put away! Love both versions of this!

  3. Beautiful! Both quilts are lovely. Your star layout is wonderful. I have a temporary design wall that I find invaluable. It is sew much fun playing with the blocks and pieces and finding new layouts. The homemade jelly roll is a great idea, too. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  4. Lovely, lovely quilts and your creation of a new acronym is absolutely great! Can't believe its not already on the list. It will be soon, love it! I need to come over and visit your blog more often. btw, I use a design floor, as many do. My little sewing nook is a cutout from our attic and therefore has odd sloped ceilings. I sometimes hang things on a fuzzy shawl up against a closet space when I do art quilting but the rest of the time, I use the floor. Wonder how long my knees and back, will go for that ;-)

  5. Well, Phooey, I really liked the first layout, but you are right, it is Donna's quilt! LOL It's really beautiful. Love the way you re-named it!

  6. both layouts are great, but I think I like the stars layout better too. Good job on getting your goal done.

  7. How did I miss this post? I love love love this in the stars. The fabrics are so pretty and the stars let them sing out. :) So, did you figure out the quilting yet? I can completely relate to the indecision problem!!


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