Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Wrapped up Zipper Bag Inspired by the Bird's, & my JUNE GOAL!

I whipped up this little bag over the weekend, using a tutorial I found at El Petit Taller. I was inspired to make a quick gift for a bird-lovin' friend when I came across this cheery fabric. Super quick and easy to construct, especially with the instructions and photos (isn't the internet amazing?).
Here is the backside:
I made only a couple changes to the tutorial:
Because of the directional fabric, I pieced the top piece before sandwiching it.
I cut the inside piece a half inch longer than the instructions so it would cover the entire length of the seam. I do love a bag with finished seams!

If When I make another, I will make the handle tab an inch or so longer, and perhaps a bit less wide as well. This is the larger of two size options that were provided (I had to make sure the birds had plenty of room to shine!), and I think the smaller one would be easier to open and close. Or, perhaps I would try folding the edges in only half as far, creating a bit more shallow, and wider pouch. I think that would give less curve to the zipper, and therefore easier to unzip and zip.
I want to try the smaller version !
I wish I had timed this - it was seriously fast! The quilting took the longest, then stich zipper to edges, fold ends in and stitch, then turn right-side out, and Bob's your uncle!
Overall, I am quite happy and so is the recipient;-)

Looking ahead, I must get more focused for June accomplishments - NO more distractions!
My goal for AYOLF is to clear my design wall! Flight Plan blocks have been taking up most of the space for more than a month now, so it is time to make a final decision, press the blocks, and assemble. I can opt to continue as planned, following the pattern for Flight Plan:
 OR, go with the option I am leaning toward and make these big stars instead:
My official goal for the June goal setting party at AYOLF is to complete the quilt sandwich!

Thank you for reading today!
Linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced!, where Lucy is guest-hosting today!


  1. Love love love both of them, but the Flight Plan following the pattern is awesome! Have fun!

  2. I *love* the flight plan/star blocks. The colors are fabulous!

    How about mixing it up to make some shooting stars?

  3. Two gorgeous options to choose from. I personally lean towards the first one; it is so dynamic!
    Cute bird pouch too!

  4. Your bag came up really well! Thank you for linking!

    The quilt top looks amazing, I am a fan of stars but I must say the first option looks really good, I think I would go for that one. Perfect colours too.

  5. Beautiful blocks! Either layout is lovely.

  6. Your zippered bird bag is so cute. The flight or star quilt has beautiful colors. LOVE IT.

  7. Gorgeous pouch Heidi, loving the birds. I am definitely a Star person that's what I would go with.


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