Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Stash Share SSShhh

I fired up the old EQ6 software this weekend, playing with options for some delicious fabric I just picked up:-)
This fabric has been on my mind since I first saw it in February. I wish I could have bought a bit more! I went with 1/3 yd cuts, added Kona and a couple from my stash, and I am ready. Well, almost ready,
Hopefully I will be able to get to this new project soon, but for now I just had to post a pretty photo with some of the fabrics from the new line from Moda, Hearty Good Wishes by Janet Clare.
I have to admit, I am pretty excited about this fabric, and it is intended for a quilt that is long overdue and will feel soo good to gift!
I use EQ6 now and then when I want a better visual than my pencil provides. I sat down with a concept in mind and it came together pretty quickly. When I 'painted' the 'fabrics' in, I still wasn't getting the visual, so I scanned my fabric and imported the files into the EQ6 library. It was actually pretty affective. I had not done this before and it was easy,  but a bit time consuming. It was neat to be able to paint my actual fabrics in my design. After all that with the design though, I decided the it is not exactly right for the fabric.  I do LOVE the quilt I drew though, and I want to stitch it up with some solids one day. Great intentions of narrowing the list, but it is soo much easier to add projects than to actually check them off. ..

Also this week, a bit of a mystery to me, I landed this peculiar piece of 35" wide cotton.
It has a tight weave and somewhat crispy texture, yet quite lightweight. I'm hoping it softens up a bit in the wash. I do really like the color and design even though I have no vision yet. What I am wondering though, is what language the writing on the selvedge is?

Thank you for reading today!
I am linking up with Sunday Stash, located El Norte & hosted today by Work-in-Progress Girl.

I noticed some Hearty Whales also landed Down Under this week! Such great taste in the Molli Sparkles Studio!


  1. Super scrumptious stash!
    I think the writing is Thai, but I can not help you further than that!
    Bye bye
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  2. Fabulous fabrics! These will make a gorgeous quilt.

  3. Looks like Thai - in that family, at least. :) Pretty fabric, COOL selvage! I really love that nautical fabric, too.


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