Monday, March 10, 2014

Lotsa Blocks Completed!

I am on my game this month, but I still managed to miss the goal setting linkup with ALYOF! Aghh! I am 0/3, and this'll be the third month I won't be eligible for the lovely giveaway's.

It has been busy here with family visiting, but I did manage to get Hello Moon sandwiched, and yesterday I started in quilting the blocks and stars. I am determined to finish up Hello Moon by the end of the month and join the finishing party!

I have actually finished my BOM's for March, and will be linking up with Lyn at What a Hoot's BOM's Away to share them :-)

Sew Kitschy: The March block went smoothly, although I did not notice that the white pieces I found in my scrap bin are actually two different colors. Thankfully, the white one landed in the center. I have been playing with tissue paper as my foundation and rather like it. Linking this with Kristy at Quiet Play:-)

I love this month's Aurifil block, designed by Emily Herrick, I found the pattern HERE. I did revise the second border to add the star framing my house. I have blocks of my own I plan to add to this sampler I will have to share down the road. For now, I am linking this March block with the Aurifil Flickr Group

Next, I added borders to two blocks from the Add a Border Swap I participate in:
 The first one seemed pretty vintage, so I added a selvedge from the Smithsonian Institute.
And I think I chose well with the yellow for this one:-)

OK, one more for the road: In trying to clean my sewing room, I have trouble throwing things out. When I came across this leftover practice piece, I decided to practice my machine binding skills, and finished it as a doll size quilt. The neat thing is I can now mail this to my Grand Niece, and she will have a quilt for her dolly that matches one at her house:-) Sweet!

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  1. Lots of wonderful sewing. Love your Kitschy bowl and spoon.

  2. Hey, this is a great post :) I really really like that brighter white in the center strip on the bowl - Happy accident, there! And yep, you chose super well with the yellow and with that diagonal dotted print - they both are perfect for that quilt.

  3. goodness, you've been BUSY! love the kitschy bowl. =)

  4. You have been busy! I think the bright white stripe in the centre of the bowl looks great. Totally say it was on purpose ;)

  5. some great blocks there. Your Bowl looks great - did you print the name of your blog on the spoon or is it on the photo? Hello Moon was a lovely BOM, that will be a great quilt when you've done


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