Monday, March 10, 2014

Marimekko Fabric Score!

Lately I have had several fabric scores that have really 'grown' on me.
At some point during my treatment process, usually while pressing, I develop a passion for the particular fabric or embroidery, and it is then removed from the Etsy cabinet while I consider it's potential. These large remnant pieces from Saver's are a great example!

From the 'Irmeli' line by Marimekko Oyj Suomi-Finland Anu Luhtanen 2008 - That's a mouthful!

The fact that they are irregular sizes factored in when I decided to plan a quilt rather than list them for sale. My vision with these is a large-patch Christmas Quilt, and because this is a bit heavier than the typical quilt, likely I will tie it in the way my Grandmother did with sample books.

Linking up this morning with Alisa at A Stitch in Between, who is hosting this week's Sunday Stash (with a giveaway!)

and with The Nifty Thrifty at A Living Space - a friendly blog with a mid-mod vibe I really enjoy following!


  1. Those remnants *are* are score - so vibrant and organic. Love them.

  2. Oh that Christmas quilt is going to look beautiful! What a great idea for these beautiful fabrics. Thank you for linking your Sunday Stash with me this week!

  3. Lucky find! I love Marimekko colors. Happy quilting!


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