Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Breakfast

 Late breakfast today. Because I am from the Pacific Northwest, I am a bit of a granola girl. Even though city life is amazing there, most Seattleans are pretty outdoorsy at heart. Berries are one of the things I miss the most, and they don't grow like weeds here in the desert. In fact, they are amazing expensive here in the desert, so I buy mine frozen. I through mine on top of plain yogurt, leave in on my pink countertop for an hour or so, add granola, and think of home:-)
This morning I started more yogurt cheese. This turns out just like Greek Yogurt without the hefty price, and the longer it sits (in the fridge of course, not that pink counter!), the thicker, so it can be used like cream cheese in recipes.
We often made our own yogurt growing up, and I am on the lookout for a good maker.
After finishing the quilting up, the baby quilt needed to be blocked...

The edges were a bit wavy...
Should be able to add binding tomorrow. I used threads in colors that matched the fabric, and I used the same bone color on the back. I am happy that the colors don't show much,


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  1. the sheep backing is darling. and the quilt looks SO cute. can't believe a baby is going to be drooling all over it soon. lol.

    what recipe do you use for your yogurt cheese? i love the thick stuff and spend a fortune on it.


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