Sunday, June 16, 2013

Appreciation for Dad

My father recently put some slides into photo format, and I thought I would post a few that evoke great memories for me, and remind me of the really great things he did for us growing up :-)
Here he is with his father near Carnation, Wa at a property we called Beaver Valley. My memories here are very young, they are of lots of family, and lots of mud.
They always worked hard, and definitely the Make-and-Repair-it-Yourself kinda men:-) This is the cabin at Beaver Valley. I am pretty sure I never saw it like this!

We spent a lot of time at Grandpa's cabin in Canada as well. The lake is TaWheel (honk if you heard of it!), N of Clearwater, BC. I am the short one, next to dad.
I am amazed when I think back on it, the work that must have been involved for the many family holidays we enjoyed as kids.

Here we are at the trailhead to Domke Lake, in Washington State. We arrived there by ferryboat, called The Lady of the Lake, travelling up Lake Chelan (in the background), one of the country's longest and deepest lakes. Huge Kokanee (landlocked salmon) can be caught there. From there, we hiked in up to Domke.
Am I the only one who looks happy about arriving at our campsite? I probably have a pack full of foam..., everyone else looks pretty tuckered.
Thanks Dad, for ALL the great childhood memories!

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