Monday, June 3, 2013

Add-a-Border Block Swap

Today I tried a technique I really liked for circle applique! I first found it at hyacinthquiltdesigns back in January in a post titled 6 minute circles. The technique was aired on HGTV at this link. It only shows how to do one round circle, but Cindy, from Hyacinth Quilt Design, bought the book, (Pieced Curves So Simple: No Applique, Pinless Piecing), so I am thinking there are probably good instructions in there for the donut type circle she posted, and that I attempted. My first circle came out swell, and when I went to add the other I put the freezer paper on the wrong piece, and ended up having to sew the seam on the inside of the circle. Tricky, but I did it and it seems usable. I will definitely use this technique again for regular, especially large, circles. And I would like to get my hands on the book, so I will check my library:-)

Linking up with What A Hoot for BOMs Away Monday  - maybe someone linking from there is interested in the swap I found.  I am sending this block in to participate in the Add a Border Block Swap I came across yesterday. I think it looks like great fun, and a good way to use orphan blocks too, so I will be digging around for 6.5" blocks today as well. Since they are not concerned about a timeline, I figure I will mail two or three blocks in to get started.
Well, that was easy! I just found the book in stock at my local library, it is actually called "Pieced curves so simple : the 6-minute circle and other time-saving delights"


  1. oh, boy! another book to check into. your circle looks great.

  2. Hey, that method looks great! Thanks so much for sharing all the links. Glad you linked up at BOMs Away!


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