Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hello Moon!

Quick Post to share yesterday's accomplishments!
I finally got to work on the April Mae Designs BOM "Hello Moon" - I have had my eyes on it for a couple weeks now, since  Barbara over at Cat Patches started hers. Just need to stitch these down and I will be caught up for the May block!
And I have been doing some hopping with The Quilting Gallery,
Monday was the first block tutorial, Mirror Mirror Star, by Marie Bostwick
The tutorial suggested blocks could be stitched up up for the Linus Project, so I whipped this up with one of my favorite red-orange colors. Then I followed the Linus link, and was drawn right into all the amazing quilts and volunteering going on. It wasn't exactly clear if these are being gathered or what, and I feel a bit lame just sending the lone block, so I will pick a baby quilt out of my finished stash and send them together.

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  1. Cute!! I love your background fabric for Hello, Moon. And your mirror star turned out fabulous in those fabrics.

  2. I've never heard of the Linus Project before and bookmarked it so I can learn more about it. There are so many worth projects for quilters these days and that's such a good thing for everyone.

    I like the colors you picked out for the Hello Moon quilt, they remind me of a winter night.

  3. I'm doing the Hello Moon quilt too. Isn't it fun? Thanks for linking up today.

  4. The Hello Moon quilt will be cute. Good for you helping out Project Linus. Don't feel bad about sending one block. They all add up!


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